What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Taylor Cardon

I was born and raised in Los Alamos, NM. I am a devoted husband and father. I manage construction. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am foremost a husband and father. Everything I do goes back to my family and their well being. I am a foster/adoptive parent. It is a challenge but has great rewards. We have adopted 3 siblings and they have been a great blessing in my life. I love the outdoors, hiking is becoming big in my family as our kids really enjoy being "out there." I am a project manager for a construction company. I have managed a wide variety of scopes from Civil/Earthwork to Mechanical to General Construction. Construction is a passion to me, seeing new things appear that are used for many years to come.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the Church, but even with that background, I still have had to develop my own personal testimony. I had seen the blessings and the benefits of living the gospel all my life. Many of my friends made choices that took them in ways I am glad I did not go. But this was not enough for me to know the Church was true. It was after I started college and was living on my own that I had a personal experience that confirmed to me that the Church and the Gospel are true. I had finally made a prayer that was personal and real. That prayer was answered powerfully and left no doubt in my mind. Through that experience I knew that all I had learned from my parents was true. With the experience I have gained a confidence that nothing could shake from me. A more recent experience that has become a personal treasure is being sealed as a family. We recently adopted 3 siblings from Foster care. What a blessing it is to know that they will be my children and that my wife will be my wife forever, even after we die. That is the biggest blessing there is, an Eternal Family. When my wife and I were married, there was no "until death do you part" anywhere, but rather we were made husband and wife for time (this life) and all Eternity. Only one having authority from God could make such a declaration and only with that proper authority could it mean anything. Since then I have received numerous other confirming experiences that have further strengthened my conviction and determination in following the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that He is my Savior. I know that He personally knows me and cares about me. I know that His love is for all people and that is because of that love that He provided a means for us to return. That is what the Gospel is about and that is why it has been brought back in its fullness. He loves all His children and wants all to return to Him.

How I live my faith

I am currently a leader of the men's group in our congregation. I strive to understand the struggles of these men and their families so we can help each other both spiritually and physically. It is a blessing to see the charity and dedication of these men as they also seek opportunities to serve both in and out of the Church.

Are Mormons Christians?

Taylor Cardon
Of course we are Christians! That is at the very core of who we are! Without the Gospel of Jesus Christ we would be nothing. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. We all know that He came at the meridian of time to complete the Atonement which includes His suffering in the garden of Gethsemane, His suffering and death o n the cross, and His resurrection. This is what gives us our hope. He Lives and because He lives we know that we too can be resurrected and live with Him. Show more Show less

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Taylor Cardon
Church services are wonderful. We go as a family, even our youngest at age 2 attends. Our total services is divided into 3 sections, each roughly 1 hour. The first hour we all meet together in the chapel. Here we partake of the sacrament (this is in remembrance of the Savior, similar to communion), are instructed by other members of the congregation, sing, and pray. For the next 2 hours be meet in a variety of classes. My children attend primary where the learn with their peers, sing, play games, and hear lessons and stories. My wife is also in primary as one of the many teachers of these young kids. I attend a class on gospel doctrine with other adults where we discuss principles of the gospel. Currently we are studying the Old Testament. The last hour I meet with the men and we continue to discuss gospel topics in relation to being husbands and fathers. One of the greatest things about our church services is that it is with normal people like you and I. There is no paid clergy, there are no "experts" to explain what we should believe. It is regular people that have been given an assignment. The teachers, instructors, even the leaders have real experiences, normal jobs, and similar challenges as you and I. Are visitors welcome? Not only are they welcome, we encourage them and invite them to come. Please come and attend our meetings. Participate if you are so inclined. We love questions and insight from everyone. Show more Show less