What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Christian

I grew up in beautiful North Idaho, I'm a musician, a truth seeker, and a Mormon.

About Me

Right now, I am a full-time missionary for the church in the maritime provinces of Canada. I will be on the mission until Summer 2016. I love my faith and very happy for this opportunity to share it with others. When I return from my mission, I will continue my studies I started before I left at Brigham Young University. I am studying to be a record producer and I love to produce all genres of music, especially electronic genres, with my dorm-room-compatible music studio. I play piano and saxophone in addition to my production work. When I'm not making music, I dabble in study of world religions, and in general love to ask myself questions.

Why I am a Mormon

Though I was born a Mormon and have always identified as such, I find myself constantly scrutinizing my own beliefs. I am at heart a questioner. As humans we find ourselves in a world of mystery, but intellect alone can't encompass or account for the deepest moments of peace and serenity, or the most distinct and unverbalizeable impressions of divine love that can suddenly appear in the midst of a moment of despair. Though rare, these experiences form the basis of spiritual devotion. In attempting to explain these moments, words often are a stumbling block, and the verbalized testimony of the believer often fails to be convincing to the mind of the skeptic. Artistic expression, from the choral euphonies filling cathedrals of the west to the sacred and beautiful monuments of the east, often come closer to representing these deeply human experiences, though such moments must be experienced firsthand to begin to be truly understood. When I ask myself why I choose to continue in my faith, a number of reasons come to mind, from the camaraderie I feel with my fellow Mormons as a community, to the many distinctively Mormon teachings on the nature of God and the eternities I find beautiful and compellingly reasonable, to the incredible sacrifices made by my pioneer ancestors. At the most basic level, however, Mormonism teaches me to seek personal revelation, and that God can communicate with me and anyone else personally. It is in this immensely personal process and in these sacred moments that I have found this gospel to be true and developed my relationship with divinity, giving my life direction in this beautifully complicated world. We live by stepping into the dark, acting without perfect answers to the grandiose and existential questions of the universe and humanity. We can either wallow in indecision, skeptical of every experience that sings truth to our souls, or in the essence of faith, take these experiences, despite doubt, and work toward higher enlightenment.

How I live my faith

To me, spirituality is an immensely personal pursuit. The 11th Article of Faith, found in LDS scripture, expresses our belief that everyone has the privilege to worship God "according to the dictates of [their] own conscience." For me, moments of quiet study, reflection, prayer or meditation are where I find the most truth and personal direction from God. I study the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and other revealed modern scripture as I find them to contain an immense wealth of truth and wisdom. At times words or passages will pop out, accompanied by the spirit, to teach me something about myself or my life. Along with my personal spiritual pursuits, I have been quite active in my local congregation and have had various opportunities to serve others through volunteer work in the church. I am currently serving a full-time, two year mission for the church in Canada. I am very happy to be sharing the truth I have found with others.