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Hi I'm Ryan

I'm from beautiful North Idaho. I'm studying to be a P.A. I love popcorn and home-made yogurt. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

About me, lets see... I'm the youngest in an average sized family. I have an oldest sister and next oldest brother. Even though we live a few hours from each other, we all attempt to stay relatively close. I am currently living in a small city in south-eastern Idaho where I am studying to receive my undergraduate degree to one day soon enter a Physician Assistant (PA) Program. As I write this, I have been married to my wonderful and beautiful wife Sariah for just over 6 months. Being married has been wonderful. My wife is an incredibly hard worker and we both enjoy many of the same things. This time in our lives seems to be a "holding time", with both of us working and studying hard in preparation for our futures together. Our average day consists of us both waking up around 6:30 am, leaving around 8:00 am, and then returning around 7:30 pm. Its busy but I feel that we are each able to support each other because we both understand the importance of why we are doing what we are doing. We are hoping to begin a family in this coming year. Both of us are nervous for this, but we both also desire it. Later on in life, my wife and I hope to travel and explore different areas and countries, settle down into a good quality home where we can have a garden (and possibly chickens), space to breath, and more importantly, raise our family in a good environment. We're both a bit simple, but we love it!

Why I am a Mormon

A few years ago I started to enjoy growing house plants. As I mentioned earlier, I am a pretty simple kind of person, and I found that I really enjoyed being able to grow plants because I could see how they changed as they grew and how beautiful they could become with time. Following this newly-found passion, I found that I especially appreciated the uniqueness of bonsai trees. I rented books from the library and grew determined to have a tree of my own. My favorite at the time would have been a Japanese Maple because of their beautiful form and amazing color. The pursuit of this hobby became a new passion and was on my mind often. One day after coming home late from work and while, for some reason or another, questing my faith in my basic spiritual beliefs, I decided to take a walk around my block and clear my head. It was past 10:00 pm in the evening and the night was clear and quiet. While halfway through my walk and as I passed a certain house, I noticed a large Japanese Maple tree near the house's front door. Perfect! I had recently learned that you can grow bonsai trees by cutting and preparing newly formed branches from mature trees. Without thinking twice, two or three branches were in my hand and I had rounded the corner nearing my house. Suddenly I stopped and realized that I had stolen the cuttings. But who would know! I would know and I already regretted it. But I wanted them so bad! Then a thought came to me: "leave the branches here and more will be provided to you". My moment of faith came as my shaking hand released the cuttings. Later that week a woman at work offered me, without my asking, new Japanese Maple seedlings which had been growing in her yard like weeds! God does know us personally and does help us attain our righteous desires.

How I live my faith

When life feels hard, like when there seems to be way too little time to do the things I pictured myself doing at this point in my life, I feel that my faith is activated. This is also where my wife really helps me. I am reminded by her, and by what we believe as Christians, that this life is a time to prepare for something greater. It is a time to try and live outside of ourselves. I feel that I live my faith by trying to do this. At this time in our lives, both being 25, trying to finish school, pay off debts, and stay sane, my wife and I could easily get tunnel vision and lose focus on things and people outside of our direct paths. Our faith helps us to not lose control. It helps us stay close together as it directs us to pray with one another, encourages us to talk openly with each other, and nudges us to be easy on each other when we make mistakes. This faith makes our lives more rich, meaningful, and productive. It helps the mundane be understood and the challenges become more meaningful. Each of us also have responsibilities in our local church. We both help coordinate with others to motivate and encourage members of our congregation to visit 2-3 other families or couples at least monthly. This is called home teaching and visiting teaching. It is a way to be aware of others around ourselves and to try to help others in any needed way. Both my wife and I focus on encouraging and reminding those we are responsible over to exercise their own faith by serving their assigned families in this way. We also try to live our faith by sticking with things like praying as a family and reading from the scriptures daily. Doing things like these help to bring us closer together as a couple and also help us to understand that sacrificing our time for good things is an important part of life.