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Hi I'm Kirk

I've lived in 10 different states. I grew up within a family of 10 and am best known for being goofy. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a father of two but really serve as a third child for my wife to take care of. I love to stay active by running, playing tennis, basketball and wrestling with my kids. Growing up with 8 siblings where my mother also ran a daycare with over 20 students in our home each day, I learned quickly how to share and play with others. This lead me to focus my university studies within organizational communications in hopes of helping others work well together also. I now work as a corporate trainer within a multi state real estate investment management company. On the side I give presentations to youth groups and local businesses on how to increase self awareness to improve group collaboration. My wife and I are trying now to expand our immediate family through foster care and adoption.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the Mormon faith, however, in my teenage years I began to question what my parents had taught me up to that point and the way I was living my life. Even though I've always been a generally happy person, I began noticing my friends and school and those on TV as having a lot more fun that what I was having. It appeared at that time not having the constraints and rules of the Mormon faith would allow me to feel free and enjoy life more. What once felt so clear and right now seemed muddled and perplexing. One day I overheard a conversation my father was having with another man in our home. He said, "Even though a person may be born in the church, they still have to gain their own testimony to know if it is true or not." While he was not directly talking to me, I felt those words burn into my heart and soul. I realized I did not have my own testimony and it was time to find out for myself if I believe the Mormon faith was true or not. I determined to read the Book of Mormon every day for two weeks and then pray to know if it was true or not. That fateful morning came and as I knelt in prayer the answer did not immediately come. I got up off my knees more frustrated than ever. I expected a feeling, a voice, a vision, something, but instead got nothing. Soon thereafter I climbed aboard my school bus and took my seat. As I sat down, I closed my eyes once again and said, "Father, help me to know either way so I can be happy." In that moment a picture came into my mind of my brother who was serving a mission in South Africa. He was surrounded by local African members and had the biggest smile on his face. I then felt a peace come over me which testified that what he was doing, serving God's children by sharing the Mormon faith, couldn't produce that type of happiness if it wasn't true. Ever since that day I have known for myself that the Mormon faith is true because of the level of happiness that comes to those that are obedient to its teachings.

How I live my faith

I find great joy in serving others and have also received great strength and support by others who have served me. This, I believe, is one of life's great blessings as it increases the love we can feel for others and they for us. I see this currently as my wife and I teach a class of 5-6 years olds each Sunday. The truths we all seek about the purpose of life are actually those simple enough to teach little children. I've also witnessed this over the years of service among little children, youth groups, adult men's groups and as a missionary in Argentina. People from all walks of life; the humble, the destitute, the talented, the wise, the wealthy, the old and the young are all able to make an impact in their respective areas simply by loving God's children and working to help them feel His love through their example and assistance. I know that because none of us are perfect we all need Christ's atonement in our life. This simple fact should make us all more willing to see ourselves in like manner as everyone else where we are neither better or worse than they. We all need help to be able to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again. Providing encouragement, listening to someone else's fears or concerns with genuine care, helping someone move, singing an uplifting song, helping someone to laugh or smile, all these are examples of ways we can serve one another and feel God's love more abundantly in our life.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

It's difficult to know someone who does not share the same interests or desires as you. Most often we want God to change Himself to us so we can understand Him better. This type of thinking will keep our distance from God even though He is near us at all times hoping we acknowledge Him. In my own life, I've seen that I feel closest to God and understand what He is like when I focus on helping others. The times when I feel most distant from Him is when I focus almost exclusively with what I want in the moment. Talking to God in prayer, reading examples of others and their experience with God in the scriptures, going to church to see others who are trying to apply eternal truths in their lives today are several ways which have helped me to increase in my understanding and appreciation for God and His love for us. When I have this understanding and perspective, I am more interested in helping others which allows me to feel His spirit near me. As is said in Les Miserable, "To love another person is to see the face of God." We can come to know God when we become more like Him by serving/loving His children. Show more Show less