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Hi I'm Austin Harwood

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or Mormons.

About Me

In my professional life I am a Physical Therapist Assistant of 8 years. I thoroughly enjoy the endeavor of helping someone get back to their previous life style. In my personal life I am the fortunate husband of a fantastic wife and the proud father of three beautiful children. The oldest child is severely autistic, non verbal, and developmentally delayed. Despite his struggles he is a joy and an angel on earth. The two younger children are rambunctious and every thing you would expect out of a 6 and 3 year old. They are angels on earth as well. My wife and children are truly my life. They all have taught me so much. As I look at them I know there are still so many more lessons to be learned and taught. I can't wait to learn all of it. My hobbies include horses and braiding. My ancestors have been involved with horses to one degree or another since coming to America and that is where the interest in horses and braiding comes from. The other hobby that nearly consumes all else is my love of studying the scriptures and other material that is related to the life and teachings of Christ. Of the teachings of Christ I cannot get enough. The ultimate thrill I get from learning about Christ is being able to teach others what I have learned.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because the teachings of the church help me understand who I am. I am a child of God and as such I am an heir with Christ(Romans chptr 8 16-17) What is it Christ is an heir to, all that his father has.(John 16:15). This church teaches me that I am not down here simply to act as a creation to be blessed or cursed according to the whims of some unfeeling unknowing god. It teaches me i am a beloved son of a glorious heavenly parent and that as such he has important lessons for me to learn because he wishes to bless me with the very thing Christ was blessed with even all that he has.

How I live my faith

I try to focus on the simple things. A successful life is not measured by one or two defining moments. It is measured in the accumulation of a lifetimes worth of kind words and good deeds. As such I read about the life of my Savior and about his teachings as they have been revealed to us by modern and ancient prophets. I then try to follow Christ's invitation "come follow me". As I do this on a daily basis I find I am a better husband to my wife. I find I am a better father to my children. I find I am better able to meet the challenges of every day living. I find I am better able teach my family about the importance of staying close to Christ.

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

Austin Harwood
I was introduced to and addicted to pornography by the age of nine. In thinking on how to stop the spread of pornography I must turn to my own experiences in overcoming it. First and foremost I was taught that this human body is a gift from God. As a gift I was taught that I was expected to view and treat it with respect. I was also taught that I was to view and treat others in the same way. With this knowledge, plenty of prayer, study of scriptures,going to church, keeping the commandments and promises I had made to God, and the good examples of family and friends I was able to overcome my addiction in my mid teens. If we want to stop pornography then we must instill in others and ourselves that our bodies are a divine gift from God. That they are to be treated with respect. That they are not something that is to be used to gratify our own sexual desires or the desires of others. When should this teaching start? As my own story illustrates it cannot start soon enough. As we teach others to view their bodies for what they truly are and as we set good examples by doing the same we can start the process of stemming the tide of pornography where it matters most ,in our families and in our homes. Show more Show less