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Hi I'm Edward

I'm a teacher, an artist, and a lifelong learner. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

Hi! I'm Edward, and my life is a plethora of passions and interests! I teach preschool, and I love nurturing my little students as they discover and explore this beautiful world. teaching is my most precious talent and passion; someday I hope to train teachers at the university level, and write books on education. For now though, I am still working my way through college, where I study Spanish Teaching and the Humanities. I come from a family of artists and performers, and I have an abiding love of all the arts, especially singing, drawing, street chalk art, and writing. I read all the time - at least one or two hundred books a year! I love history, especially that of ancient Mesopotamia, the Renaissance, and the Romantic Era. I especially enjoy being with people I love. My family is very large, and as my siblings and I have grown we have moved away to various locales, yet we are still very dear to each other, and we gather as often as we can. Nothing is as dear to me as family. I also love my friends, and count myself as blessed to have true and loyal friends in my life. I love the sea; I grew up by the Pacific Ocean and I still feel most at home when I can smell and feel the balmy sea air early in the morning. That's my favorite time of the day; I love being up at dawn while enjoying a hearty breakfast with a good book in my hand.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? One might as well ask why we do anything in life; ultimately, we want to be happy. There are many things that give me joy in life - my books, my art, my family. But the surest path to happiness is knowing who I am and why I am here in this world, and those are questions the gospel answers in ways no other source can. Because of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I know that I am a son of God with divine worth, that I lived with Him before and that I have to potential to live with Him again someday. I have lived the principles taught by the church my whole life, and I can state with complete honesty that when I live the commandments, I am happy. Living a clean and wholesome life in harmony with the teaching of life has brought me happiness and peace beyond anything the world could ever offer. The gospel has made me different from my peers. I live differently. I speak differently. And I feel differently, because my life is patterned not after the ambitions of the world, but after the teachings of Christ. Why am I a Mormon? Because to be a Mormon is to be happy. And happiness is my greatest desire.

How I live my faith

My faith permeates everything I do, from my daily activities to the defining aspects of my character. My church resposabilities keep me very busy! I am a home teacher, which gives me the opportunity to look after other members of my congregation to be sure that they are loved and remembered. I also run our congregation's weekly treat night, and I supervise weekly gatherings called Home Evening nights, where groups of college students meet every Monday to hear a spiritual message and enjoy a fun activity together. I am the area's Music Specialist, and I often teach the weekly Sunday School class (which is my favorite opportunity). But my faith is lived through more than just my duties. My character is molded by my beliefs; I believe in being gentle, compassionate, and kind, and my ability to refrain from anger or frustration is founded upon my belief that happiness comes from kindness, and that love resolves more issues than wrath. I believe in the doctrine that all people are Children of God, and as such, deserve my respect. The Gospel has helped me to feel love and admiration for those who are often unloved, who others view as weird, awkward, different, or unlikeable. I try to make all those around me feel that somebody is on their side who will care for them and befriend them