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Hi I'm Aly

I’m a Cincinnatian, a college freshman, a food-connoisseur, an avid volunteer, and a movie-lover. And I’m a Mormon.

About Me

I currently study neuroscience at Brigham Young University. My life has been touched by many people who suffer from neurological diseases and disorders, and I want to give back to them. So, I plan to go into neurological research to find new treatment options for epilepsy and to find cures for schizophrenia, autism, and Alzheimer’s disease. I find the greatest joy in helping others. I volunteer as a teacher’s aide at a local elementary school and I love working with the kids. Many of them have ADHD, and it’s been amazing to get to know them. I also volunteer at a private school for children with autism, playing and socializing with them in a comfortable and stable environment. It’s so fun to serve them and it makes me really happy. I love when I can help them grow to understand new things. I’m 19 years old, though, so I’m still trying to figure out this growing up thing. It’s been a hard transition, but I’m learning a lot in my newfound independence. I love being with my friends, just having fun. I sing and write music, I love movies (I’m a Disney fanatic!), and food is one of my greatest passions. It’s so fun to find new interests, knowledge, hobbies, and friends, especially at BYU. I’m so grateful for the Spirit of love and faith here, and for God’s influence and blessings in my life. He truly knows and cares about us, and this knowledge has given me so much peace and comfort and purpose through all the changes. Faith is truly a central and sustaining part of my life.

Why I am a Mormon

Some people assume that I’m Mormon because my parents are, but the real reason is much greater and much more personal– I am Mormon because I have chosen to be, for myself. Being Mormon helps me find peace, happiness, comfort, purpose, and hope in life, and I know for myself that this gospel is true. I choose to continue in the faith because of this. I was a bit rebellious as a teenager, and I only went to church because my parents did. One day, I decided I didn’t believe it. I still attended church with my parents, but I closed myself off. It was a dark time; I was lost and out of place. Eventually, I realized I was miserable. At fifteen, I examined life. I wasn’t close to my friends or family, I struggled with self-esteem and loneliness. I was sad. Unexpectedly, I was extended the position of president of my church group of girls – I felt terrified and unqualified, but for some reason, I accepted. I tried hard to serve my girls. I went to church and youth activities regularly. My adult leader supported me tremendously and helped me support my girls. One day, I realized serving others made me happy. I hadn’t felt happy in a long time, and it made me want to know what this gospel really was. I read the Book of Mormon completely and prayed about it, and immediately felt great love, peace, and comfort. God knew me, my struggle, and my needs. I cried because I realized I had been fighting against the best support I have. Eventually, I was reading the scriptures, going to church, and making better choices. I completely turned around my life. I felt close to the Savior and my family, and I found a great group of friends in the girls I served. This gospel brings me peace and comfort, helps me feel loved, helps me love others, and makes me happy. It has helped me through great trials, including terminal diagnoses of a few members of my family. I am grateful for the Savior’s love and support for me. Choosing to accept the offer was the greatest choice I ever made.

How I live my faith

My faith has been my backbone in everything I’ve been through. There have been so many times when I thought I couldn’t carry on, but somehow, my faith in Christ has helped me keep putting one foot in front of the other. Whenever a new challenge is hurled at me, I know I can turn to Christ to help me through it all, and this has given me so much comfort, confidence, and purpose. I have so much hope in Christ and His Atonement for us, and know that if we put our trust in Him, we can find peace right now, no matter our circumstances. Knowing this and feeling this peace in my own life has made me want to help others find the same happiness. Because of this, service is a central part in my life. In high school, I really got involved in our small, Midwest community, serving in the presidencies of three service clubs, as well as actively participating in our church’s youth group. These organizations gave me so many opportunities to get to know others and their stories, and helped me realize how much Christ knows and loves us, and how important it is to share that love with others. Ever since, community service has been a significant part of my life and has become a critical way I live my faith. Ultimately, my faith has helped me recognize a purpose in life. It helps me to know who I am, why I’m here, and where I’m going. It helps me keep a bigger perspective of life through all of the challenges I experience, and it helps me to make better choices. I am a better person because of it, and I treat others better because of it. Not only does my faith support me, but it helps me support other people too.