What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Gina

I am a mother to four boys, a wife, a neighbor and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

There is really nothing fancy or extraordinaire about me. My life is going by way too fast and there is evidence of this as I watch my 4 boys grow bigger and smarter everyday. I love to cook and clean (yes clean), and garden, and craft. I love being in nature and feeling of the peace nature has. I try to go on a walk with my husband every night, I really enjoy that time to talk with him and laugh. I love to laugh, sometimes I laugh even when someone didn't say anything necessarily funny and they get a little nervous because I won't be able to stop laughing. I love my family and spending time with them... playing games, doing puzzles, reading together, going on hikes.

Why I am a Mormon

The gospel of Jesus Christ has always been a strong hold throughout my life. I am not perfect but the gospel is. It gives me hope and understanding of why I am here and what my potential is to become. I rely on the comfort I receive through prayer and scripture study and going to church each Sunday. I know that our Savior lives and he is our example of love, forgiveness, serving and faith. Sometimes it can be really hard aligning what I want with God's will, but He truly knows what is best for us. It might not seem like the best plan for us, but who are we to question our Heavenly Father. I know that Christ's Church was restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. And I am so grateful to have it in my life. This past fall my bishop encouraged all of us to read the Book of Mormon by the time school lets out in June. I have read through the Book of Mormon many times before, but this time has been much different. I have really had a better understanding and felt the actual feeling that this book is true and preserved for us to read and learn and grow in spirit by our Father in Heaven.

How I live my faith

When I am not cleaning and cooking and taking care of my family, I like to be a friendly neighbor. It seems like each place we live, that that is one of my destiny to be good to my neighbors. We have befriended an abused wife. Helped serve and support a family through the trials of and loss of loosing a wife and mother. We have befriended a man who was left by his wife. Each of these we feel we were guided to live by and help them through their time of need. And without any doubt I know that each of these precious friends have helped me and have been a great example to me. One time there was an emergency vehicle a few houses down from us. It really concerned me. And I realized I did not know this neighbor at all. I never saw them, didn't know who lived there or how many. The next day my heart plagued me, and I felt this push inside me that I needed to bring something over and express my concern. I am pretty shy and my words get pretty goofy when I am nervous. But that didn't stop me, I knocked on the door. The family there was very surprised, and grateful for someone to care. And ever since that day we have this connection. Now don't get me wrong, I really could do so much more than I do. I don't tell about these things to boast or make me seem so awesome. I really just have found the importance of neighbors in my life. Writing this really makes me realize how much Heavenly Father has special interest in each and every single person and he guides us to each other to be taught by each other. How fantastic!

Are Mormons Christians?

Mormons are very much Christians! We need our Savior, Jesus Christ, to make it back to live with our Heavenly Father again someday. It is because of Jesus that makes it so we can repent of our sins and endure to the end. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Being an active Mormon is one who goes to church each Sunday, follows the teachings of our prophets, prays and studies scriptures daily, Serves others, etc etc. Sometimes it is hard to make the right choices, because it seems not doing these things would be easier and less work. But doing these things bring us closer to our Heavenly Father's peace and guidance and gives much joy. And that makes it all worth while. Where I live, everybody is Not a Mormon. And that can make me feel different. But then I realize that there are so many good people all around me. People who believe in Christ, who believe in doing good things and helping others. So it isn't really a seclusion after all. Show more Show less