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Hi I'm Chandler Eady

I grew up in Utah and annually held a day-camp based on the Percy Jackson book series in my backyard. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've grown up in Utah to an amazing family that consists of my mom, dad, two younger sisters, and a younger brother. Back home, I was definitely the tech-help of the family, as well as the video game enthusiast who helped other people play video games. I've been a nerd all of my life, I enjoy various games such as Warcraft III, Oblivion, and Minecraft. I went to a school of nerds for my High-School where each of us earned an associates degree before going to college. Semiannually, me and my family take a week-long trip down to Lake Powell where I get to enjoy various water sports such as scurfing, tubing, and wakeboarding. (I enjoy most any sport that doesn't involve a ball.) I'm a big fan of the Percy Jackson book series, and for the last four years I held a week-long summer day-camp in my backyard and the foothills beyond where 9-13 year-olds would be able to come and role-play a demigod from that series; collecting drachmas (camp currency), performing quests, forming groups, and defeating the enemies I put in their way. This camp has been the highlight of these last few summers as I've got to watch the innovation and creativity of these young kids as they play in a fantasy-world I created for them. I'm also a decent programmer who's made various games (or at least started on them) throughout my life. I'm currently attending college in Utah and majoring in Computer Engineering so that I can continue working with technology as I am so interested in doing.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have examined everything the gospel teaches and felt God's confirmation that it is true. Even when stray bits of doctrine seem faulty or strange, I can look to those core beliefs that I have a firm testimony in and remember that if part is true, then so is the whole. I have great love for my Heavenly Father, and he has helped me though many hard times in my life. From the large things to the small, he always cares for me. I've had experiences seeing people both enter and leave the church, and without exception, the people who joined became very happy and satisfied people while the people who left became depressed and started a search for what they were missing in their lives. Generally, the people who leave eventually find that the only way for them to be happy is to live as close to the church's teachings as possible, if not rejoin. This increases my testimony immensely of its truthfulness. One of my old church leaders would frequently talk about two astronauts that went into space. One of them came down and jokingly said "I looked all around up there, I couldn't see God anywhere". The second astronaut who followed came back and said "I looked all around up there, everywhere I looked, I could see God". I find that it makes more sense for a guiding hand to be involved in all of this than otherwise. As one of our general authorities stated (and I'm paraphrasing here) "You can't have an explosion in a printing press and end up with a newspaper". It doesn't at all seem likely that with how much attention to detail there is in this world, it couldn't have just come from an explosion somewhere. With the complexity of the human body, the delicate cycles of life, the makeup of the air, this doesn't seem like it could possibly come from nowhere. It had to come from something, some guiding force with exquisite attention to detail, some kind of being directing it all. This is why I believe what I do, this is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I attend church on a weekly basis, attending all three hours. I've attended Young Mens (the church's activity program for young men) all the way up to college. As part of that program I've been part of countless service projects and learned a bunch of life skills. I try to go hometeaching once a month, and I try to attend my college's family home evening meetings (normally held within families, but it's a bit harder at college) with other people in my ward. I pay tithing to the church on a regular basis, and I fast for one Sunday each month. I don't drink coffee or tea, I've never smoked or used any addictive substance. I follow all of the commandments, and I try to follow the gospel as well as I can. When I mess up, I pray to the Lord for forgiveness, and then I take the sacrament the next Sunday to have those sins washed away by the atonement of Christ. I pray to God many times each day, when I get up in the morning, when I go to bed at night, and every time I eat a meal. I need that strength that comes from prayer.