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Hi I'm Lauren.

You can call me Eljay. I'm a college student, an avid volunteer, and serving a full time mission in Torreon Mexico!

About Me

I find joy in being the cause of someone else's joy. God has blessed me with capabilities and privileges. Because of this, I feel the need to give back to others through service, volunteering, advice, love, a hug, a friend, or a smile. I find immense joy and true happiness in this! Serving others as Christ would brings a sense of purpose to my life. Over the years I have involved myself with the "disability community". I have volunteered with my county's Adaptive Recreation program, worked at an AR camp, taught swim lesson to adults and children with special needs, learned ASL, helped to pass a VA law involving ASL equality, was a part of "Best Buddies" and "Partners Club" in high school, have worked as a care giver for a child with disabilities for almost two years, and am studying to be an Occupational Therapist. I truly believe the individuals I have worked with, and all those with special needs, have a greater purpose and relationship with our Heavenly Father that we might not be able to comprehend. Their pure innocence and sincerity in life is something I admire and aspire to. That is why I fill my life with these beautiful children of God. I believe that they, just as we all did, agreed with our Heavenly Father to be tried by certain things in this earthly life. I believe these special people are on the earth to dedicate a life to reminding those around them of charity, the Pure Love of Christ. Which is a life lesson we have all been sent here to learn.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been blessed to have been born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My father grew up as a member of this church, but my mother is a convert. It is the strong faith and examples of my parents that have given me the opportunities of a blessed life. As I have grown up in the church, I have been converted of the church. I have always made the personal decisions to go to church every Sunday, to participate in church activities, to learn more of the gospel, to be baptized, and now to become a missionary. Yes, I have been given these opportunities, but it was up to me to act upon them. My decisions to act are ones I will never regret. I am a Mormon because I have come to know and to believe what being a Mormon stands for. The religion and life of a Mormon, when lived sincerely and righteously, brings tremendous happiness and joy and love and purpose to life that can be found only in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know my life has been blessed because of this church, and I intend to help others feel of these blessings too.

How I live my faith

My religion is my life. I live it daily and love it. The standards and life principles I have learned from my faith make it easier for me to make life decisions. I know I have a purpose in life, and I can see where I am going and strive for it. Through this church, I have been given MANY volunteering and service opportunities with people in our church and in the community. Because of this service, it has made it easier for me to "branch out" and find other service opportunities on my own. I continue to live my faith and my love for service by deciding to serve a full time mission; yet another amazing opportunity that my church has given me. I will dedicate a year and a half of my life to serving as Christ would. I will strive to spread the knowledge and word of the gospel of Jesus Christ to any and all who want to hear it. I will offer myself and my capabilities to those who need a helping hand or a listening ear. I know that Jesus Christ lives. I glory in His name and in His work and in His Atonement. The one and only Atonement which has made it possible for me to come to earth, make choices, learn right from wrong, and choose to lead a righteous life that makes me worthy of returning back to Him. That is how I live my faith; by striving to live a life as Jesus Christ would. A life that makes me worthy of living with my Heavenly Father again.