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Hi I'm Randy Franks

I grew up in Arkansas. I converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1980. I am very happy!

About Me

I am Randy and I live in the beautiful Tennessee Smoky Mountains. I love the church. I am 65 and have been a Mormon since 1980. I am a convert to the church from a Protestant faith. I am married to a beautiful lady who is also a convert. We were sealed together forever in 1983. We have six children. We lost one child from miscarriage. Our youngest daughter and her husband are also sealed together. We have four beautiful grand children. I have two brothers and a sister and a Mom who is 91. My dad died in 2004. I am the only Mormon amongst my parents and siblings. I was raised a Protestant by my parents. I loved my childhood. Mom and Dad kept us all involved in scouting. Dad was a scoutmaster and Mom a den mother, and they took us to church every Sunday. We went camping often as a family and went to the beach each year. After graduating high school I served in the US Navy. I am a retired soil conservationist and have lived in several states in the United States. I earned a degree in forestry. When I became old enough to decide which church I wanted to join I chose to be a Mormon. I did not know any Mormons growing up. I was guided to the church by the Holy Spirit. Now, my children are having to do the same thing. As we grow into adulthood we make choices that affect us forever. My wife and I pray together every night. We always pray that our children will be worthy to be guided by the Holy Spirit. We have faith in Jesus Christ that they will.

Why I am a Mormon

I could not find answers to my spiritual questions in my youth. I grew up believing in Jesus Christ and attending a Protestant church but not knowing much about Him, and I found the Holy Bible pleasing to read but hard to understand. I was especially confused with the Holy Trinity and how the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost could all be one. I lost interest and began to stop going to church. I searched for spiritual growth in a number of churches, teachings and philosophies with no fulfillment. I never gave up my quest for the truth, but my spirituality was diminishing as I was becoming more worldly. I became depressed and began to lose hope of finding the truth. I rarely prayed anymore. This lifestyle brought me unhappiness. At some point I realized that I was not the person that I wanted to be. I began praying again and searching the Holy Bible for answers. One day Mormon missionaries came to my door. They were bright and friendly. The timing was perfect. I let them in. They had the answers to my questions. They taught me eternal truths that made complete sense to me. As I look back on these days I am so thankful that Heavenly Father answered my prayers. He waited until I was ready to hear the truth before He presented it to me. I began to feel good about myself as I learned about the Plan of Salvation. The missionaries were prepared to teach the truth, and I was prepared to learn. I know that this was not a coincidence. I have never regretted being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost. From then on my life began to change. Slowly, over the years my testimony has grown. The Holy Spirit has confirmed this truth to me time and time again. I am a happy man!

How I live my faith

Since becoming a member of the church I have served in many voluntary positions. I have been a scoutmaster assisting many scouts in achieving the eagle award. I have been a den leader. I have taught primary children in Sunday School. I have taught high school youth in seminary. I was a leader in the single adult program. I have done financial and clerical work with church finances and membership records. I have assisted full time missionaries in proselyting. I have served in church building cleaning, helped with youth dances, chaperoned many youth on temple trips, and given many talks in our sacrament services. I pay monthly visits to several members of our church ward teaching lessons and being a friend. Not all the visits have been successful. Sometimes members choose to be less active and do not want to see me come to their door. I have discovered that patience and persistence is the best way to be a friend when applied with lots of love. Jesus Christ is my role model. My wife and I love genealogy, and we have traced our family roots back many generations. We have assisted many people in researching their ancestors. We keep journals for our family records. Between my wife and I, we have discovered thousands of our family ancestors since we began in 1980. This is very gratifying work. I love that our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of His children. We can show Him that we love Him by keeping His commandments which we find in scripture study and praying to Him daily. Following the example of His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ is how we keep the commandments. Without Jesus Christ's Atonement for our sins, we would all be lost souls. I love our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am certainly not perfect. I sin and seek forgiveness often. Thankfully, I can take the sacrament on Sundays with a sincere heart and real intent and receive forgiveness and feel clean and full of the Holy Spirit and rejuvenated.

What do Mormons believe about family?

Randy Franks
Families can extend linked into the eternities. This is based on righteous living and keeping the commandments of Heavenly Father and following the example of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Show more Show less