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Hi I'm Kassi

I'm grew up in Utah. I'm a musician. I'm a College Student, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I grew up in Utah, right by the Wasatch Mountains! I am the oldest of five children, mostly brothers, and I love the out-doors. As a family we enjoy camping, hiking, and participating in sporting events. Currently I am away from home, studying music. I am about half way though my college education, and am leaning stuff about me! My major instrument is Flute, and I enjoy the piano, guitar, and composing music! Someday I want to try to be an composer! Currently I work as a Resident Assistant for Housing at my school, where I get the opportunity to meet and work with college students everyday from almost everywhere!

Why I am a Mormon

The simple answer, is because of my family. I had the blessing to grow up in the church all of my life, however, my parents have not. My dad and his family converted to the church when he was eight years old because of my step-grandmother. Her faith, and desire to come back to her Father in Heaven lead to the conversion of my grandpa, my dad, and his two brothers. Eventually my dad went on a mission, met my mom, and got married in the temple. As a child I had the awesome examples of my parents, whom both had rough family lives, and learned first hand the peace and hope that comes from centering our lives around Christ. Though I didn't always know it, I want to be with my family forever, and someday I want to to go to the temple so I can have my own family forever. I know that no matter what happens, that my Savior will be there for me. I have seen it in my life, in my families life, and of those around me. I am Mormon because of this knowledge, and and strength it gives me.

How I live my faith

I live my faith, by sticking to my values even when its hard. Values such as honestly, and respect are very important to me. Sometimes in my work, I get into uncomfortable situations where residents ask me to be dishonest about reports or risk my relationships with them. Due to my beliefs, I know that I shouldn't lie and so many people get upset with me when I politely refuse. I know though that Its right, and eventually those people who requested negative things of me come to see that to. Standing up for my values helps me show others what I believe, and most importantly it shows my Savior that I will stand by him no matter what other people may think.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon was written by many prophets in ancient times, that was translated for the use of God's children by Joseph Smith in 1829 then later published. The account of the Book of Mormon follows the lives of Gods people in the America's starting in 600 B.C with a prophet named Lehi who fled Jerusalem with his family due to wickedness in the land, and was led to the American continent. The Book of Mormon then follows the account of the people, and how God spoke and continued to call prophets among the people. The prophets in the Book of Mormon talk of the coming of Jesus Christ, his mission, and his love for ALL people. Later the Prophets record Christ's appearance after his resurrection to the people in America. The book acts as a second witness of Jesus Christ that works in harmony with the bible. You can know that the Book of Mormon is true and of God from reading its words, and following the promise found at the end (Moroni 10:4) and promises that whomever reads its pages and sincerely prays will know by the spirit that the book is true. And I can testify that I have done this for my self, and found that it is true. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

The Temple is a special building dedicated to God, where his children take responsibilities on a higher law. God only allows members who are baptized and are prepared and ready for these responsibilities to come into the temple. Our Father in Heaven doesn't reuqire his children make promises and responsibilities without their wiliness, and readiness to do so. Visitors are welcome to visit the temple grounds and attend open houses before their dedication. In the temple, Church members participate in ordinances centered around keeping families together forever such as marriage, and baptism for those who have died without the opportunity to receive the gospel themselves. We don't discuss ordinances outside of the temple, not because they are secret, but because they are sacred. They are kept confidential so that they are not given to those who are unprepared. The temple is a beautiful place, with a special spirit. We invite all who are willing to come, learn, and prepare to go to the temple. Show more Show less