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Hi I'm Andrew

I grew up in Wyoming and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints attending school at WWCC.

About Me

I am attending college in Utah, where I am majoring in English Education. I have come to enjoy writing poetry through my study of the english language, and spend much of my free time focusing my thoughts on writing. Some of my other interest's involve being active outdoors with activities such as mountain biking, hiking, running, walking through nature in general, and snow boarding.

Why I am a Mormon

The decision to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka (Mormon) was a long and arduous journey for me. I had the unique perspective growing up to have two loving parents that actively practiced different faiths. My mother belongs to the Lutheran Church, a church who's practices and faith hold a special place in my heart, and my father was a Mormon. So growing up I was required to go to church every Sunday, but had the choice of which church I would attend. I often wondered about the significance of the Book of Mormon growing up, and had the chance to read it with my father and older brother several years ago. I always had a faith in Jesus Christ and the atonement growing up, but ever since reading the Book of Mormon wondered whether it was accurate or not. I desired greatly to practice my spirituality, because I felt like it would benefit my life greatly. In my first year of college I developed some habits that did not lead me to a path of happiness. As these bad habits led me into a pit of despair, and caused me to be depressed, I hit a point that can only be described as the lowest point of my life. I found that in this stage of my life I was reaching for something that I did not understand. In my second year at college I was able to see that God was reaching out to me through the friends I had made at school. Although I was not living a life that brought me happiness I found that many of the ideals of my friends that were Mormons aligned with my own. As I came to this realization I became very interested in the message of the restored church upon this earth. After many hours of discussions, reading, and prayer, I finally found I was ready to truly ask whether the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints was the true church as it claimed to be. The answer did not come easily to me, but I decided that I must act on the answer that I received and was baptized into the Mormon Church. I have not regretted my decision a day since.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by attending church every sunday along with several other activities that help me to draw closer to Christ my Savior. My favorite daily activity is reading my scriptures at night before I go to bed. I really enjoy the testaments of Isaiah, John, and Alma. I attend institute twice a week, which is a great relief to me during the stress that piles up during the week. I try to weekly visit the Temple, which is the house of God that is built for the holy purposes of human beings. The temple brings me a peace that no other place in the world, and allows me to take a few brief moments away from the world, and spend them in a holy place.

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

As a converted member to the Mormon Church I have a deep love for the Bible, especially the New Testament that chronicles the life and ministry of Jesus Christ on this earth. The Book of Mormon is a valuable addition to the Bible, and is a Testament that works along with the Bible in our church to reenforce the proof that the Bible gives us of God's plans and Nature. I love the Bible for all the words it gives us that are from God. We believe that the Bible is Holy Scripture, and is valuable in understanding the word of God. Show more Show less