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Hi I'm Ashley Holmes

I'm a lover of the Performing Arts, kids with Autism, and borritos. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I was a little girl, I remember there was a night I was so scared I couldn't fall asleep. I wasn't scared of my sweater in the closet, or the darkness of my room. I can't remember now if it was a dream, or a conversation I had with a friend at school, but as a 10 year old girl I layed awake in bed scared of: dying. All I knew is what I had put together myself, and that was the idea that we lived life, and one day we died, were buried, and that was it. Blackness. I was haunted by the idea that there was no reason for me to live a good life, or a bad life, because I would die and the only people who would know, the people that I loved, would also one day die. So what is the point of all of it? Why am I here? Fast forward to the weirdest afternoon of my life, answering the door to a pair of Elders, a few years older than myself, coming over to talk with my family about God. They were nice boys, but the last thing my family wanted was to go to church. I used to hide behind the couch and turn off the t.v. when they'd come knocking so they would think no one was home! One day, I came down stairs to hear them in my livingroom sharing a story about a "Father in Heaven" who we lived with before this life, and who had made a plan, through Jesus Christ, in which we can return to live with Him and our families for a really long time. Eternity, even. They explained the purpose of this life was to prepare to meet God- to become like Him. The Spirit whispered to my heart it was true.

Why I am a Mormon

Being Mormon has never been about being a part of a religion that makes me feel good with nice people. Being a Mormon is about finding my way back home the happiest way I know how: The way my Savior Jesus Christ did.

How I live my faith

I was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints October 28th, 2008. While my family may not have chosen the same path I did, I went and became a Missionary myself, serving in the Ohio Columbus Mission. I attribute every good thing I will have have in my life to the person I became alongside Jesus Christ walking the highways of Ohio. I learned the importance of self worth and Independant prayer. I learned that as I study from the Bible and the Book Of Mormon, my days go smoother and my testimony of a loving God grows stronger. I was humbled by those I met in the hardest of circumstances, as well as the humility of those in the best of circumstances. I am now able to raise my family with the knowledge of God's restored church, ran the way Christ built it: with a living Prophet today, and Apostles. With the Priesthood Authority of God to act and teach in His name. The same authority John the Baptist held to the remission of sin. To become clean again and dedicate our lives to sharing the good news of the Gospel. With Temples to worship our Father and be sealed as Families for a eternity!! And to give our ancestors the opportunity, should they accept it, to be a part of that!