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Hi I'm Annie

I love to longboard, sing, dance, & create my own styles. I'm passionate about music, health, nature, art, & people!

About Me

I believe that every person we have encountered and every choice that we have made has influenced who we are today. I believe that we are constantly influenced by these same things every day & are growing & changing continuously. My family has played a huge role in helping me to develop my testimony, outlook on life, and what I want to make of it! I am forever grateful for the daily family scripture studies my dad has led for as long as I can remember. Because of these daily meetings, I have always had my parents and siblings testimony's to hold in my heart & they have strengthened me when I have been weak. I know that it is important to strengthen and uplift everyone I encounter every day because not everyone is as lucky as I am to have had such positive influence at home! Everyone deserves to feel the peace, joy, and confidence that I cherish from living the principals of the gospel. A choice that I have come to love to make and try to make more every day is the choice to serve! When I was a 9th grader is when I really started to try and put forth a real effort to serve every day. I would pray "Please lead me to someone who needs a friend today". The joy that this brought me was something I started to crave & over the next 5 years service slowly became a part of who I am. As I have looked back every now and then I realize again and again that the more effort I put forth in serving others the more I have grown to genuinely love and care for them. It is a wonderful feeling!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints originally because my parents raised me to be so. I was lucky enough to gain a strong testimony of the reality of our Heavenly Father and the love of His Son Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon at a very young age, but once I hit about 7th or 8th grade I wanted to know for myself whether or not I belonged to the actual one true church on the earth. I read about every religion and came to find that the majority of religious people on the earth believe a whole lot of the same things! I liked what I read and agreed with mostly all of it. However, the other religions I read about were lacking a few things that, based upon my knowledge and testimony of the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament and The Book of Mormon, I knew needed to be included in the one true church. A few of these things are the priesthood (the authority from God to perform ordinances and make sacred covenants here on this earth), a name that is named after Jesus Christ, and a living prophet and a claim to open and continual revelation from God. As I searched for my own testimony throughout those two years I learned a lot more about what our church actually believes and gained a testimony of every principle. I am now so thankful to know that every commandment and guideline within our church, if followed, will bless our lives immensely and bring a constant change for the better into our character and our lives. This church gives me guidance, direction, purpose, confidence, happiness, peace, and even identity. I love and am so thankful to be a Mormon! I can't wait to leave on my full time mission in two weeks in Macon Georgia mission .. I'll be there for the next 18 months Macon it happen. . . ;)

How I live my faith

One thing I absolutely love to do is to join the local LDS missionaries in their visits or in teaching their investigators! I have been lucky enough to hold the lessons at my home for a few of my friends & I have seen the beautiful change that comes into their lives as they accept the gospel & trust in & allow the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ to help them to make many good changes! It is something I will never get sick of! Seeing people come to know our Heavenly Father & His Son Jesus Christ & come to realize what They have done for us... is such a wonderful experience. I am always looking for a chance to bear my testimony through my words & actions to anyone who may need a source of power, love, positivity, strength, or kindness in their lives. I love helping people realize that the Atonement is a tool that can help us with absolutely every & any problem we have faced, may be facing, & ever will have to face in this life. Jesus Christ is our friend & our teammate & He is surely capable & yearning to help us through all of the small & big things that we fight throughout this life! Calling upon our Heavenly Father & asking for the Atonement to be in effect in my own life has helped me through COUNTLESS struggles & is still helping & healing me today! As I involve Them in my personal life & invite & allow Them into my heart to help & uplift me I have grown closer to Them & can more easily feel Their love for me. Feeling Their love for me is something that fills me with an overwhelming amount of joy & a desire to share that wonderful feeling with others! As people have seen me living the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ & the joy that it constantly brings me they have asked me why & how I am so happy all the time! This is my favorite question to be asked because it gives me an opportunity to share my testimony of the joy & gospel of our loving Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ & to invite them to learn more so they can also feel it in their own lives.