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Hi I'm Shayla Zundel

I'm an actress, a singer, a stargazer, and a dreamer. I am a missionary. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I live in a very rural town in southeastern Idaho with my parents. I have four sisters and five brothers, and I absolutely love it! My interests include acting (I was born to act on stage; I have been involved in theatre since the age of four!), singing, directing, dancing, photography, learning and speaking Spanish, reading, writing poetry, watching sunsets, and stargazing. In 2012, my oldest brother was killed in a car accident at the age of 21. My family was changed forever, and things were hard for us. I let this difficult trial affect me in very negative ways for a long time. I turned away from the Lord and became extremely depressed as I lost sight of who I was and what was really important. Luckily for me, the Lord saw it fit to intervene and show me how to change my own heart. He placed people in my life that would lead me back to Him. Through a lot of hard work, I returned to Christ stronger and happier than I ever was before. My testimony is now completely unshakable and unbreakable. My gratitude toward the Lord is everlasting, and in return he gives me more things to be grateful for. It is this eternal process that enriches my life and assures me of not only God's existence, but of his unconditional love for all of his children.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church. I was baptized when I was eight years old and have always attended church and had a testimony. But I was not truly converted until the Lord helped me through my trial. I choose for myself each day what I want to do with my life, and living the Gospel is the road that I will stay on for the rest of my life. I have tried to find happiness in other things only to learn that the one way to obtain everlasting joy is to come to Christ and accept the blessings that come from living righteously. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by choice. I am a Mormon because God loves me and because he saved me from darkness. I am a Mormon because the members love me and uplift me and help lead me along the path of eternal truth. I am a Mormon because I continually read the Book of Mormon for myself and know that it is a true book. I am a Mormon because I know that it indicates knowledge of the truth and a devotion to it. I am a Mormon because I love to be Mormon! (:

How I live my faith

Since my life has turned around, I have focused most of my efforts on making up the spiritual growth that I missed out on during my period of spiritual complacency. I know that I am not perfect, but I try my hardest to keep my life devoted to what my Savior would want me to do. In my life, feeling the Lord's guidance and hearing His instruction is a continual effort that comes from consistent prayer. I am learning the importance of daily scripture study and prayer and can feel the difference that obedience to these simple commandments makes. I have always held leadership positions in my church and secular activities. Though these positions are respectable, I have come to recognize that the Lord is most pleased with the small kindnesses that we choose to share with others, regardless of our position in or outside of church. The opportunities that Heavenly Father has given me to lead others always turn out to be blessings that help me grow as I take responsibility for my actions and strive to become a more Godly woman. I miss my older brother very much, and I always will. But I know that the Lord knows this. I also know that my brother's spirit did not die and that I will see him again if I live the way that will bring me to God's presence. I recently made the choice to serve a full-time mission. The Lord has blessed me too richly for me to not share my spiritual wealth with those who need it! I have been called to serve in the California Oakland/San Francisco Spanish Speaking Mission from November 2014 to May 2016.