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Hi I'm Nadeoui Eden

I am a wife, working mother of 7, grandmother of 28 and a great-grandmother. I love life. I am a Mormon!

About Me

At almost 70 years old, I still work in administrative work. I grew up raised by a single mother who had terrible luck with men. Her first husband was an alcoholic. Her second, my father, was a con man who would rather pretend to be someone else than use his ample intelligence to gain his own credentials. My first step-father was an abuser who terrorized my younger brother and myself. When we told our mother about the abuse, the wonderful woman believed us and got us away from him. Later we had a second step-father who became our papa and to whom we are sealed in the temple. That means if he chooses, we can be an eternal family. I believe in life after death. I was raised by a religious mother, but with no church affiliation. Among other things, she taught me that churches should have some authority from God, and so I joined a church in my teens that claimed authority - and I was friends with many people in the same church. I come from a split family where I became the oldest of two instead of the fourth of five. I finally met my older sister and two older brothers when I was 18 years old. One day my brother-in-law nearly killed himself in a drunken car accident. He wanted to talk to someone about religion, so my sister, who had met Mormons and attended church in her youth, called in the Mormon missionaries. We had meetings with them where they told us what the Church teaches and I was intrigued because it felt like I was hearing things I had always known were true..

Why I am a Mormon

When I was studying with the Mormon missionaries, I went to my local congregational leader and I told him that I was hearing things that made sense to me, and that I was considering joining the church. He did not address my concerns and my doubts, he only told me that "It was of the devil" and I "should stop going." Well, I knew better. My heart told me that doctrines such as infant baptism and a co-merged trinity did not make sense. I felt that no child should be responsible for Adam's sin because Christ atoned for that. I had always seen my Heavenly Father and the Savior as distinct individuals as evinced by Stephen's vision where he looked up into heaven by the power of the Holy Ghost and saw God the Father and Jesus Christ standing at his right hand...three distinct individuals. I took the challenge of the elders and asked God if the things I was being taught were true. Through a sacred response to that prayer, I came to know for myself it was. I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on October 17, 1964 and have never regretted a day. I do not know how I could have raised our children and survived the challenges of life without the support of my brothers and sisters and the teachings of modern prophets and apostles. As for the Book of Mormon, some feel its truth right away, but I found it hard to read. But I knew it was scripture as I had received a witness that Joseph Smith really saw what he saw and was a prophet of God. When I married and had children, I began to read picture Book of Mormon stories for kids to them. It all fell together and I now love it. I have read the Book of Mormon many times now and love the guidance and inspiration it provides. It just took me longer to get there. My husband did not go to church for many years and so our 7 children and I went by ourselves. We received loving support. A great joy is that he came back into activity after 30 years and has re-dedicated himself to Christ.

How I live my faith

I teach 7 year olds in our youth organization called Primary every Sunday, with a wonderful co-teacher. I also serve once a month in the Washington DC temple as a volunteer. To me the joy of life is to help others, so I am also a volunteer name indexer. That means that I along with hundreds of other Mormons and non-Mormons alike, download pictures of records from all over the world. Then we copy the names, and dates of births, christenings, marriages and deaths of people from all over the world so that interested people can go online and find their ancestors to learn about their families. they are a part of us. I used to do the same thing years ago, but we had to go to a special building to do it. Now anyone can do volunteer indexing from our home computers. One program in the church that I love is our women's group program of home visiting called visiting teaching. Once a month I am visited by two sisters who visit me with love and make sure I am ok. They bring me a spiritual message and sometimes a treat. We talk about things bothering us, or joys we have had, and it makes me feel cherished. I also visit several ladies from my congregation and try to let them know I care about them as much as my ladies care about me. When there is an emergency, we check on each other to make sure all of our needs are met and we are safe. Lastly, I live my faith by trying to see others through the eyes of the Savior. He does not condemn anyone for their color, gender, race, creed or ethnicity. And even when I find behaviors I can not condone, I try to see the person as my brother or sister. When I get to be perfect, then maybe I can make righteous judgements, but for now, I am glad that rests with our Savior. I love to share what I love about Christ's gospel.

What is the Relief Society?

Nadeoui Eden
The Relief Society is the organization that loved me into the church. I was 18 when I joined, and I did not know anyone at church. I was too old for young women's programs. The sisters in my ward Relief Society took me in, taught me things I needed to know, respected my opinions and listened when I had something to say. They gave me wonderful examples of the kind of woman I should be. Since then, the Relief Society has given me chances to serve, helped me learn to be a better wife and mother, taught me to love the other women in the church, and let me know that women of all nations, races and creeds are loved by God. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Nadeoui Eden
Christ and our Heavenly Father live. I knew God was there for me when I was a child and after 69 plus years, I still feel their influence in my life. No, I have not had a vision. But when I prayed to know if Joseph Smith's first vision was true, I felt an overwhelming feeling that tells me it did happen. I have had feelings that warned me of danger. I have felt forgiven when I have been sorry and truly repented of my sins. I have been protected from situations and people that could have harmed me. I have felt tender mercies, (those not expected) that tell me that even though God created the universe and everything in it...that He knows ME and that I am important. I see His handiwork in the earth and in the heavens. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Nadeoui Eden
I have helped pick potatoes for local food banks that serve people of all communities, I have cleaned houses for people in our community that were not members of our church. II have assisted in providing baskets of food for Thanksgiving and Christmas given to local people. I helped a group of women gather sewing supplies and scissors for a school in Africa that taught boys and girls to become tailors - the list goes on, As all are our brothers and sisters, we help anyone we can. Show more Show less