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Hi I'm Josh

I am a soldier. I am a husband. I am a family man. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My life truly centers on my family. In fact, my greatest joys in life are always found in the simple moments such as with a game of soccer with my kids, an unexpected and in-depth gospel discussion with my family, or a dinner date with my wife. After everywhere I have traveled and everything I have done, it has always been my family and my faith which has provided me the greatest blessings and comfort.

Why I am a Mormon

I did not grow up a member, though many of my friends were Mormons. As a teenager, I always knew that I could have fun and yet stay out of trouble if I participated in activities with the "Mormon kids" such as youth dances or sporting events. Though many of my friends offered to introduce me to the missionaries at that time, I don't think I was yet prepared to make a commitment outside of my comfort zone. I was led by the Spirit to join the church. When I was a young private in the Army, I was sick of soul and searching for greater light and knowledge. I spent many moments in prayer asking my Heavenly Father to help me understand what my individual purpose in life was. One day while stationed in Germany, I met another young man who had recently married but who was unable to have the military station his wife with him overseas until the Army processed his paperwork. As a result, he sought the comfort of his church. I had a car and offered to drive him, if only to cheer him up. Not knowing the area well, we of course got lost. During that time, he shared his testimony of the gospel with me and I felt moved as my heart was touched by the simple truths that he spoke about. When we finally arrived at the church, he introduced me to the missionaries. I felt great peace and knowledge as they visited me in subsequent meetings. At that time, I felt the gospel must be true. So, I committed to be baptized and that has made all the difference in my life ever since.

How I live my faith

In the Army, I work hard to provide for my family. Often in my career, I have faced moral dilemmas. During these times, the gospel has helped me navigate through the adversary's traps and somehow come out unscathed. Sadly, I have sometimes witnessed men and women close to me get caught up in the things of the world. Nevertheless, I have recently found how comforting the gospel can be for others as well as they struggle through their trials and seek after truth. At church, I am currently a Sunday School teacher for the youth. This has been one of my favorite callings as I have been able to personally witness young men and women mature in faith. There have been so many moments when these valiant young souls just blow me away with their tender testimonies and obedience to the Lord's commandments. Because of their choices, there truly has not been a lesson where I have not walked away hopeful and excited for the future.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Families provide a place of joy, learning, and refuge while we travail through this mortal existence. My family constantly cheers me and allows me to develop talents that I believe are eternal. Show more Show less

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

Pornography is an addictive and pervasive sin in our society. Though no one is immune to its influences, men are particularly vulnerable to this vice, which can lead to significant familial and individual heart ache and pain. Fortunately, the church offers confidential recovery classes for those plagued by this and other addictions, based on the Alcoholics Anonymous model and centered on the teachings of Christ. For those who struggle with addiction, know that there is help and that your weaknesses can be turned to strengths if you give them over to the one with the power to heal. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Long before I became a member of the Mormon church, I remember a drill sergeant reciting the verse from Hebrews, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." What faith has become for me is a way to apply myself before knowledge is sure. Faith is the ability to trust in God's power and plan, and know that somehow things will all work out from an eternal perspective (as they always seem to do). Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

God is all around us. However, sometimes we miss the signs because we are too focused on the day-to-day things in life. By "tuning in" we can better appreciate our Maker's hand in our life and our purpose while here on this earth. Show more Show less