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Hi I'm Kevan Walker

I am a Narrative Family Therapist living in Alaska & I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My wife Sheri & our 6 kids live in the Interior region of Alaska. I've lived here in the far North for a little over 20 years (my wife a little longer), we've moved out of state a couple of times, but Alaska is always calling us back. I work full-time as a Military Counselor & have a part-time private practice in my field of Marriage & Family Therapy. Although I thoroughly appreciate being able to finally work in the field of my dreams, my real dream come true is my eternal family. Sheri is "My Missionary". When we met, I was a Lutheran & she was a Mormon (member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or LDS Church). Sheri & I made an agreement that if I took the missionary discussions & went to her LDS church, she would take the Confirmation discussions & go to my Lutheran church. After many months Bible-bashing with Sheri, her family, & the missionaries, I read the Book of Mormon & prayed. A prophet in the Book of Mormon encourages us to read the Book of Mormon & "ask God the Eternal Father if it is not true". I asked my Heavenly Father about this book & Church, telling him: "If you want me to continue being a Lutheran, I'll do it for You, not for my Pastor & church family"; "If you want me to join the LDS Church, I'll do it for you, but not for Sheri or the missionaries". The Lord spoke to my heart the way He never has, letting me know this is His Son's one & only Church. I was baptized into His One True Church in 1995 & have seen the "Fruit" (John 17:16-20).

Why I am a Mormon

This is Christ's One True Church. I've had others tell me this, from strangers, to our Prophet, to my wife Sheri, but I need to hear it from Him. I have prayed to God The Eternal Father in the Name of Christ- I know only from Him that this Church is Jesus Christ's. I have then gone forward to practice Christ's teachings as taught through this His Restored Church- I know from the fruit of coming to know God the Father & His Son through this daily practice that this is His Church. I want to be with my family for Time & All Eternity & He has promised me that this will be so, if I adhere to my covenants with Him & with them.

How I live my faith

It has always been important to me to see the real-life application of theory. In the LDS Church "True Religion" is service to your fellow beings & daily practice/ experimentation on Christ's word. As I "do" love to others & they "do" the same for me, as taught by The Savior & His ordained servants, I daily see the fruits of these applications. In the Church I've found that I can be with my family "for Time & All Eternity". I've found that I can't have "All Eternity" with my family unless I practice Restored Gospel principles with them NOW in "Time" & lean upon my Savior Jesus Christ. As I serve my family & allow Christ to mold me, I grow closer to He & my Father In Heaven & to my family. I can see "All Eternity" with all of them. This is not a religion of "Sunday Christians", but of "Everyday, Every Moment Christianity". Christ expects us to FOLLOW His word in action. I improve daily, but at the end of the day am an imperfect man & need the Atoning Blood of Christ to cleanse me. This doesn't get me beating myself up (at least, not too much any more!), but I feel buoyed up by Him to do better, to serve others as He did, to Love as He did, then continue in Him to eventually be perfected with Him.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Kevan Walker
I so appreciate the upbringing I had in the Catholic Church & later on as a member of the Lutheran Church- they first introduced me to my Savior Jesus Christ. The mainstream Christian churches to me are like the Law of Moses, they prepared me for The Higher Law. In the Mormon (LDS) Church, The Lord has placed a commitment to DOING as well as FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST. Because of this very important aspect of salvation taught in Christ's Restored Church, many in mainstream churches call us a "cult", meaning that we are blaspheming or denying Christ's infinite Atonement- we affirm with all our hearts His sacrifice- it is the center of our faith. Mainstream churches label us as a cult & not Christian as we believe in continuing revelation. God loves us & because He loves us, He continues to talk with us, through a living Prophet (through which He revealed the Book of Mormon & restored Christ's Church), & also through all those living worthy of the companionship of The Holy Ghost. Show more Show less