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Hi I'm Lauvon

I'm a newlywed, a mother of a beautiful little girl, an artist, and a lifelong Mormon.

About Me

Family is very important to me--I am a wife and the proud mother of a bouncing baby girl. As a child I loved summer camping and salmon fishing trips in northern Idaho as a family.I was born and raised in south-eastern Idaho as the middle child of three. Education was emphasized in my home as both my parents graduated from college and encouraged me to also attend. I graduated with my Bachelor's of Science in Art Education minoring in English Education. After graduating I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Baltic states speaking Lithuanian for a period of 18 months.Learning a second language was difficult for me as I had never studied a second language before my mission but I know the Lord helped me to communicate His love to others as I worked to serve Him by sharing His words with those in Lithuania. I have a great appreciation for the arts and enjoy drawing, painting, and sculpting. I also play the violin and like to scrapbook. I take opportunities to strengthen my relationship with my husband doing things we both enjoy such as going on nature walks. My latest ambition is to write a book about finding balance in one's life. However, my first and foremost priority is to be a wife and mother--which is actually my dream job so I recently quit my other job as a special needs assistant at a high school in order to devote more time at home where I feel I can make a bigger impact.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it is awesome! Seriously--nowhere else in the world can I find the peace that comes from knowing I am following God's plan for me. I was baptized into the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints when I was eight years old. This was a special time for me and I still remember the calming, warm influence of the Lord's Spirit I felt that day touch my heart confirming to me that God was pleased with my decision. I have had that influence with me since then guiding me along the path He wants me to follow. It was this loving influence that helped me know the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon at age sixteen. After reading it through I prayed and asked God to know if it was true--I felt that warm influence of the Spirit again and I know it is true! It was this Spirit that led me to serve a mission for the Church. I wanted others to know of the love I felt from knowing that I am a daughter of God--that we are His children and He loved us so he sent His Son Jesus Christ to atone for our sins and die on the cross so that we can improve each day and come closer to our Father in Heaven as we pray for help to do so--this I know. It was this same spirit that led me to find a spouse who took me to the temple where we were sealed together not only until death do we part but for eternity! This same Spirit carried me through the struggles of pregnancy and helps me to feel God's love more each day as I realize the miracle of my baby girl that He blessed me with. In a world that is ever-changing I am so grateful for the gift the Spirit has blessed me with of a knowledge of God's plan which is evidence of His love. He has said: "For this is my work and my glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (Moses 1:39)." I know that God loves us and that love never changes!

How I live my faith

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I strive to live my faith by serving those around me. In the Bible the Lord says to: "Love thy neighbor as thyself." In the Church we are assigned to visit a few ladies each month with a teaching companion to see how they are doing and to share a spiritual thought. I try to fill their need to feel loved in these visits because I really appreciate it when I am visited too. I also try to let them feel loved in other ways such as baking goodies or sending them a text. As a new mother I look forward to getting out of the house to visit these women and form new friendships. I feel it is a good support system within the Church. Several times I have had these women tell me that they really needed the spiritual messages and appreciated my visits. This confirmed to me that the Lord helps us as we serve Him by serving others. I pray for the Lord's Spirit to help me know how I can best serve others. I regularly pray, read scriptures (or God's words), and attend Church meetings to keep myself strong spiritually. I also keep a journal to record spiritual insights I receive. I have come to know that "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass (Book of Mormon-Alma 37:6)." I often sing hymns (songs of worship unto God) to my baby girl that teach her the simple truths of the scriptures about how God has a plan for us and how He loves us. I try to keep my home clean and free from negative influences that would tear down the family unit such as violent, crude, or vulgar media. As I strive to have only uplifting things in my home I help to create an environment to invite the Spirit of the Lord so we can be taught by His Spirit. I also use my talents to bless others lives. For example, I enjoy making thank you cards for people and I play my violin in Church meetings when occasion permits.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Since family is the basic unit of society, I like to think of it like the foundation of a building. If it is strong it can hold up the rest of the building or society, but if the foundation is weak the building will slowly sink. Family ties can be strengthened by creating family traditions such as praying together or having dinner as a family--just spending quality time doing wholesome things. We can also do family history work. As a child I loved hearing my dad tell me stories of what he did growing up and the lessons he learned from those experiences. He taught me about forgiveness and overcoming tendencies to be mean or selfish often using humor. We also had daily family prayer and scripture study. This habit strengthened us as a family as we prayed for each other's needs and it taught me about God's love for the whole human family. My mother also collected stories of our ancestors and printed them off for me to read. I can't help but feel connected to them as I read about their experiences and what they sacrificed so I could have the gospel in my life. I have come to realize that we are all connected--even more so as I have formed my own family unit by marrying in the temple. Temple ordinances seal families together for eternity-that's why we do family history. We are all brothers and sisters in God's family. God said: "For this is my work and my Glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (Moses 1:39). This is why family is so important. Show more Show less