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Hi I'm Bev

I'm a Mormon and I love it! I'm a wife, mother and grandmother, music teacher. My religion is my anchor.

About Me

I love my life! I'm what I call "upper, middle aged" so I've seen a bit of life. Still - I love to sing, dance, eat, teach music, swim, laugh, play games, camp, be with family and friends, garden, spend time with my husband, hike, read, jump on the tramp with my grandchildren, travel, etc. You get it. I'm not a couch potato! Each week I go to community choir, spend time with grandchildren, teach 18 piano students, go to yoga, swim, walk, read and keep house. Being raised in Canada - Utah weather's a dream! I graduated from college as an elementary teacher with a music minor. I enjoyed teaching in the school system a few years (music mostly) and was our city Arts Chair for 3 years (tons of work). I've travelled to Japan, Mexico, Hawaii, Venezuela, Italy, England and of course Canada. Of my 4 outstanding children, 3 are married with families of their own. My fourth is a "traveling man" 6'3" and very handsome. Our 9 grandchildren are "practically perfect in every way" and we love them all dearly. We had such fun together. I love to sing, play the piano, guitar and organ and share in any way I can. I wish I could meet you - whoever you are reading this bio. I enjoy people a lot. I have a very good life!

Why I am a Mormon

Actually Mormon is a nickname. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know that's quite a long name, but take it apart and you'll understand why I'm a member. Whose church do you want to belong to? Being a devout Christian, it's important to me, to be a member of Christ's church. As He organized one in His time on earth - and it was gradually lost - the addition "of Latter-day Saints" is added to simply designate the time frame we're in. My testimony of the church as an organization began in childhood. Many of my beloved ancestors, made great sacrifices so that I can enjoy the blessings of church membership. For this I am forever grateful. But for anyone to have "staying power" - there must be a time for personal conversion to the gospel. I was blessed with many such encounters, big and small throughout my life. Developing a close relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is something that brings me so much joy. I have often felt their love and support as I was taught to pray as a child. But life has its ups and downs. One time in particular stands out in my experiences. It was during a time of horrendous trial in my life and as I prayed for strength, I felt the personal support of the Savior, walking with me through my trial of fire. This deeply sacred experience not only increased my knowledge Christ's reality, but confirmed my hopes that He is a very personal Savior and friend. I'm so grateful for this knowledge. The fulness of His gospel is here for us as a people - to study and enjoy. Being a "Mormon" means everything to me. It helps me be a better person daily. I know that through Christ's authority I have been baptized and am committed to discipleship. Through this power I am sealed to my family forever. Through serving in His church - I am made better. I feel so blessed. I wish I could tell the world. This is the "way, the truth and the life." This is the road to true happiness, now and forever.

How I live my faith

I feel my faith is a part of who I am, really. I find a lot of strength and direction from working on my relationship with God each day. I feel His love and support often, if I look and ask for it. Knowing what He expects of me, I'm trying to improve myself and my usefulness to Him all the time. As a neighbor/friend I try to be aware of others and their needs so I can support and love them. With my involvement teaching children music in my home, I work at inspiring the best in them as they gain a music education. We often perform at local rest homes, as it gives the students confidence and teaches them to serve. The residents seem to enjoy not only the music shared, but the contact with the children. Each week I also enjoy attending my church meetings and serving there. I love being responsible for the music in our church group. As such, I arrange for weekly musical numbers, organize hymn singing and direct the choir. It's a lot of tun for me. I also visit with other women during the week - some as assignments, some on my own. Taking care of my husband and family are at the top of my list of priorities, second only to caring for myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. I enjoy daily and weekly scripture studies both on my own and with a group. I guess my biggest challenge is to actually BE the best I can - by constantly showing respect, kindness and love in all my daily encounters. Since I am a red head - at times this is a challenge, but I'm learning to "temper" my passions and direct my energies for the good of others. I feel it's important to take a stand for truth and am getting more involved with politics, particularly in support of tradition families. I know I'm far from perfect, but at least I have a goal to shoot for and the loving support of family and friends and a generous Father in Heaven.

Who chooses the Mormon prophet?

The first couple, Adam and Eve were put on the earth to learn and grow. Heavenly Father loves His children and wants to support them. Adam spoke with God in prayer and learned the "language of the spirit." Each era of the full gospel upon the earth has had a living prophet at its head - so a loving Father in Heaven could support His important children in their growth. This is true today. We have in Pres. Thomas S. Monson, a living prophet, for the benefit of the entire world. He receives the counsel, advice, support and love with specific directions that help us in our day as we also learn and grow. I love having a living prophet and have tested his counsel and know it to be true. It is a clear and bright light in a very dim and confusing world. I invite any and all to come to know the Lord better through following the counsel of living prophets. Show more Show less