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Hi I'm Barbara

I love music, run a private music studio out of my home and love to share it with others. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am in my mid-forties, have been married now for ten years and have two beautiful, grown step children. I've always wanted to have children but was never able to. My solution to this was to re-create my career into something that I could share with children. My former career in my single days was working as a secretary and paralegal. That provided for me but did not help me with fulfilling my dreams! My wonderful husband entered into my life and brought with him an experience for me to grow with him and his children. The kids are grown now, but I was able to break away from my career early on in our marriage and find a new path. After much prayer and soul searching, I decided to teach private music lessons. I had many years behind me of participating in symphony choirs, taking private voice lessons and taking private piano lessons. The move to change my career, become my own boss and teach music was a scary thought. But with that underlying feeling that this was the right path to take, I forged forward with faith. With continued educational experiences for me, I have been able to reach many through sharing the love of music. This has been a great comfort to me many times over. Soon after we were married, I miscarried several pregnancies. This broke my heart and how I longed to have the opportunity to be a mother. I've realized that I can share my talents and gifts and be motherly, even if its in a 30 minute piano lesson once a week!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised a Mormon. When I was graduating from high school, my parents encouraged us to be open to other beliefs and truly be a part of something for the right reasons. They wanted me to find out for myself if what they taught me, what my growing up in church taught me, was true. They raised us to be independent thinkers. After graduating from high school, I went out to the East Coast to take on a job as a nanny. While I was out there, I lived with families of different faiths. I had a lot of freedom, but the foundations of my morals and values helped me to find direction on a firm path. I didn't always make the wisest decisions or choices. But I knew that no matter what, I had a Savior that loved me and a belief in His atonement. I knew that He was aware of my growing pains and my desire to know for myself about Him and His plan for me. The Book of Mormon is a great strength to me. I know that the promise in the book found in Moroni chapter 10, verses 3 - 5 really works. Taking what we know to the Lord in prayer and His promise to us that He'll answer our prayers. I've tried it for myself many times and can feel and receive thoughts that are not my own, testifying to me and answering my questions. There really is a God that hears and answers our prayers. I was a teen several decades ago and have learned quite a bit through life experiences. I know that the Lord has been putting people in my path to help me as well as me in the paths of others to help them. Daily I struggle with anxiety. My sweet solace and rest is in starting my day with prayer and truly talking to God, the Father; reading scriptures out of the Bible and Book of Mormon; and pondering on positive thoughts. In a crazy, time starved world, its nice to know that prayer can bring you back into balance. I also know that the scriptures found in the Bible and the Book of Mormon are like letters from my heavenly home and contain comfort, instruction and inspiration.

How I live my faith

In our church, we have many opportunities to pitch in and help through "callings" or responsibilities in keeping things running. My friends are always curious about what I am engaged in doing in my various responsibilities. I love to serve others and feel that my experience in serving in the church helps me to reach out to my friends and neighbors not of my faith. I know that the different responsibilities I've had by being an active member of my Church has helped me learn ways to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ to everyone. I love the women's program at my church. This is called "Relief Society". Thinking about the phrase and breaking it down is just what its all about. Providing relief from a society of women. Relief can come in so many different ways. Its nice to be a part of something good and a part of a group that does good things for others and the community. Every month, an activity is planned out for just the women to attend. These monthly activities have perked my interest by introducing new skills as a homemaker, as a friend, and explore new hobbies and talents. I also find a new friend or get to know my fellow "Sisters" a little better when I attend. We recently moved to a new state due to my husband's job transfer. We didn't know anyone in our new area but quickly were welcomed and invited to be a part of our local congregation. In the Relief Society, I have an opportunity to be assigned a route of 3 ladies to visit with and befriend along with the help of a companion. This is called visiting teaching. I love my visiting teachers as well. We all need friends and need some strengthening, cheering on and someone to call a friend. This is truly an inspired program and I can only hope that my smiles and visits provide for others.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Serving a mission is a personal choice that is made by the individual with much thought and prayer. It seems like a big sacrifice, but really isn't. I like to tell people its a lot like serving in the peace corp with religion. I served in the Tucson, Arizona mission as a Spanish speaking missionary. The experience was a wonderful one with its share of ups and downs. As a young woman, I served for 18 months. I learned a lot about the power of prayer and having faith in the promptings to go and do what needed to be done. I learned about getting along with others. Missionaries are assigned companions that you live and work with. Sometimes these relationships are hard because of personality differences. But you learn to love through serving each other. I grew to love a culture, a people and those I served daily. I think my ability to love others and show that love through little acts of service was amplified during my 18 months of service. It was so hard to leave my mission and come back to a regular way of life. I am glad that I made the choice and decision to serve the mission. I know that I was serving my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. The things I learned have helped me with life choices and situations. Now I'm married and we are about 17 years away from retirement. We've already decided to serve a mission as a couple when we retire. Show more Show less