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Hi I'm Devin

I've served my God and my country. I am a stay-at-home dad for 2 great kids. I'm a Mormon!

About Me

As a kid I was a huge marching band geek. I served a mission in Russia from 1993-1995. I served in the National Guard from 1996-2002 as a Serbo-Croatian linguist. I worked as a software engineer for 8 years and recently finished a MBA and a Masters of Strategic Finance. Right now I'm a stay-at-home dad for 2 awesome kids! My wife works with critically sick babies, which I find noble and so I stay at home while she works. It is tough being non-traditional, but our kids are worth having someone home with them. I would rather forgo a successful career than have them raised by someone else. When they get a bit older I would very much like to open a bookstore.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the church because I felt God's love for me at a time that was the lowest point in my life. It was during a time that I had abandoned the teaching I had been raised with and was trying to find my own happiness and failing miserably. I was a wretch, lost and alone. I had lost hope and was considering ending it all. In the depth of my pain I addressed God and for one day the hurt was gone. It was as if a 2nd degree burn suddenly disappeared. I felt good for the first time in over a year. Even my coworkers were confused, because I was happy, something that they hadn't seen in me before. That night I said to God that if that was him, thank you, and if possible, could I have another good day. The next day was a great one, I was happy and free of the hurt I had been carrying with me for so long. A third day followed and as I arrived home that evening I saw that an acquaintance I had not seen in a long time had dropped something off for me. I won't recount the details here, but it was something that was unequivocally a message for me from my Savior. That he wanted me back. That it was ok to come back. That was the day I became converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If he were willing to reach out to someone as lost and as wretched as me, then he truly can love each one of us. I am a Mormon because I have learned what love really is, that there is a place for me, that there is a place for you regardless of who you are, regardless of who you think you are, there is a place. That place is right next to me, you are welcome here with me.

How I live my faith

As I have grown older, serving those around me has become an important part of my life. I have had the opportunity to do just about everything one can do at the local level. The biggest lesson I've learned from serving in the church is how important each person is to God, and to me. I once had a calling (job) to help keep the records of the ward. Part of the record keeping was trying to maintain a current list of who was still living in our area. I used to pour over the names of people I didn't know and made it my mission to find out something about each person on our roster. I found that by trying to find out something about each person I came to really care about those I didn't know. Finding the "lost sheep" became my personal mission. It is a purpose that has stayed with me even though I am no longer serving in that capacity. It has taught me to care about each individual, as God cares for them, be they active participant in church meetings, someone we haven't seen in a long time or those who are not involved with the church. I have come to see this as the pure love of Christ, and as it has worked in me I have found an urgency to seek out those who are hard to love, who may not have many friends. I talk to them, find out about their week, talk about their trials and their triumphs, to let them know that someone cares, someone knows them, that there is someone they can turn to. This is how I live my faith: to help each person come to know the love God has for them, that they are special, they are a child of God and have the most glorious potential and are likely to become someone way cooler than I'd ever have a chance of being.