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Hi I'm Alexander

I'm from New York. I read, play guitar, love my family and friends, and have fun. I'm a regular guy. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hey! I'm Alexander. What do I say about me? Well, it's tough to describe yourself. I love music, food, family, learning, and having fun! I've always loved getting out in the world, whether in nature or in the city. Camping and hiking are great. Walking through a mall isn't quite as good, but I enjoy finding new people, talking to everybody, and having a great time with my family and friends. I've always sort of created my own styles. Whether in the clothes I wear, the music I listen to, the random jokes that only I find funny, or anything else, ever since I was little I was always a little different. In a good way, of course! At this point in my life, I think it's served me well though, I'm preparing for a mission and college, and one day having my own family, and I'm definitely loving where life has taken me :D

Why I am a Mormon

When I was little, up until I was about 9, religion was far from the front of my mind. Like every little kid, I cared about the playground and pizza and remote control cars. But the apartment in which I grew up was directly above the apartment in which the missionaries stayed. Over time, the missionaries talked to my family, and I began, admittedly grudgingly at first, to attend church. Like most 9 year olds though, it still wasn't my main focus in the least. I liked fun. And to a hyperactive 9 year old, church is anything but. However, as I became older, it began to grow inside me. Slowly but very surely, I started to care more and more. As I neared high school, I really began to take church seriously. Throughout those four years, I saw how the Lord's Gospel blessed my life immensely. Peace of mind. Lack of drama. A knowledge of the purpose of life and of God's intent for me. A plan for my life and a reason to care about what I did. Being a Mormon isn't just a title or a handy religious name I can use to feel good about myself by going to church once a week. It's a blessing to me that guides me throughout my life and helps me to know God. I know what it is and it is beautiful to me. I wouldn't quit being Mormon for everything in the universe. I know it's right and I will not, and in fact cannot, ever deny it. All of The Lord's blessings are available to those who have faith in Him and who live and endure steadfastly on His name. I want to receive all of the blessings The Lord will offer me. This is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

As a Mormon missionary, all I do is live my faith! However, going back a few years, I can look back on being a high school Mormon. Every day before school, I woke early and went to seminary, a class where high school students go to learn about the Gospel. Like a daily Sunday School. But the greatest part of living my faith came through my example as a Mormon to my friends. I would always strive to carry myself in a dignified manner, avoiding swearing and offensive behavior. I never smoked or drank, as many others, including some of my friends, did. Many of my friends knew I was Mormon, and I didn't even tell all of them. Word gets around, I suppose! But I was always willing to answer questions about my faith, or to explain why I did what I did and didn't do what I didn't do. Doing so helped me, and still helps me, draw closer to God as I demonstrate my will to live according to His ways and He in turn blesses my life.