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Hi I'm Chris Peterson

I grew up in Rockford, IL. I love every sport out there. Music, friends and family are my life. I'm a mormon.

About Me

Hey, my name is Chris. I have four sisters and two brothers. I am the third oldest. For those reading, there are some things you should know about me. 1) I love eating, 2) I'm a strong believer of random dancing anywhere and everywhere, 3) I love to smile, laugh and just have a good time. So, what else is there you may ask? Well, not much. I kid. I love sports and being active. Volleyball and tumbling are my all time favorite sports, but I really enjoy basketball, golf, soccer, diving and just everything. I played basketball in high school and stopped after nationals my sophomore year, so that I could attend college full-time. I absolutely love music, I think that every genre and type has something amazing about it. I play guitar, a little piano and I sing. I really enjoy writing my own music and attempting to record it with the equipment I have. My absolute favorite music would be stripped down acoustic and church hymns. Also, if the music is sad or depressing I really love it, because it somehow makes me happy. Don't try to understand, because I don't. I love the outdoors, so I thought that Utah would be a pretty awesome place to live, because mountains. Also, I do not like the cold. I can handle it, but I really dislike it, so St. George is in the desert and it seemed perfect. I am not attending school. Instead, I am working two jobs to earn money for my mission!

Why I am a Mormon

Well, I have always been "active" in my church. I never really complained about having to go to church, but I was not exactly wanting to be there. It wasn't until I was 17 that I really started being truly active in the church. Age 17 was also when I began to have my true conversion begin. As a 17 year old I was beginning to make dumb decision, but I started being more truly active in church, but not too much. When I was 18 I hit rock bottom, I was at my lowest and this is where I came to realize that I knew the church was true and I had known it all along. Once I had this realization, I changed my life. Now, my family and friends didn't know all that I was going through, I kept it to myself, but they could all see that I had a huge change in my life. I wanted to make the Savior happy with the way I lived my life. I wanted to be like Him. I wanted to receive all that He had in store for me. I wanted to be proud of myself and be happy with my life. It was and is the most challenging endeavor that I have ever attempted and if it was not for this gospel, for prayer, fasting and the Book of Mormon, I would not be the person that I am today. I would not have the life that I have. I would not know the true meaning of my purpose here in this life and my true identity as a son of God. I would not love the life that I have. My life is not the perfect life that you always see in movies or dream of, but its perfect for me and I love it and I know that I feel this way because of the gospel and the understanding that you receive through it. This gospel has only brought positive consequences in my life. It helps you shape your life into something that will become more and more beautiful throughout the rest of your life. It ultimately relays on who you are going to choose to be. This gospel brings true and everlasting happiness. It brings peace and comfort. It brings us closer to our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. It gives hope and leads to an eternity of beautiful happiness.

How I live my faith

I have come to truly love being a member of the LDS church. Yes, I have been a member my entire life, but everyone has to come to know of the truthfulness of it for themselves. I am on the Publicity Council in the Snow Canyon Young Single Adults ward and basically we invite people to activities and post uplifting and spiritual thoughts on our Facebook and Instagram pages. One of my favorite things to do is service. So, whenever I have the chance to do service I jump on it. I love helping people be happy and service is the best way to do that. How else do I strive to live my faith? I try to improve myself each day, because our goal here in this life is to learn and to grow and to become like our Savior through the challenges and experiences that we have. So I try that each day, I fail most of the time, but slowly I can see myself being able to change and being able to handle situations and trials better. Over the years I have also become more eager to study my scriptures and try to apply them to my life. Its amazing how applicable the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, are in this day and age. My testimony of this gospel will always continue to grow. I will always continue to learn new things, which is simply amazing. However, the only way that I will continue to learn and grow in this perfect gospel is through putting forth the effort and striving to learn. Once that step is passed it is amazing how much you come to realize for yourself. I know that my faith grows all the time, because the only thing that helps me through the challenges that I face each day is prayer and reading the Book of Mormon.

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Chris Peterson
The missionaries will teach of the truthfulness of this gospel. They will speak about the Restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith. They will share the beautiful message of eternal and everlasting happiness that comes through the gospel and through living the principles that are in it. They will teach of the love that our Father in Heaven has for each and every one of us. Heavenly Father loves everyone the same and He knows us perfectly. He knows us better than we know ourselves. We are faced with the challenges we have because our Heavenly Father knows that we will be able to learn and grow the most through those trials. Ultimately the missionaries will teach of how we can truly become like Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven and that our purpose here on earth is to return and live with them again. Show more Show less