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Hi I'm Mikey.V

Life is epic so Love it! I'm now serving a mission in Rochester, NY. Jesus is our Savior and I have a Testimony that he lives.

About Me

Hello! I have been a member of the Church for all my life and I'm planning on serving a mission soon. I love playing and managing sports, cooking, being organized, and a member of the Church. I manged football for 3 years & 1 year soccer. I know how to play 7 musical instruments. I'm a family man, Im athletic, i graduated High school and seminary. Life's story: I was born and raised in Utah. I was bullied in elementary school and the number 1 thing that kept me going was playing basketball and going to church.God never gave up on me. In Jr High i played in the band had an ok life and i ran track. Latter on as life kept going i gained friends & family. I was a pretty good kid until when i met up with the wrong group of kids and my life went down hill. I was missing church, swearing, watching rated R movies and i was never Truly happy with myself. Until one day the Lord decided to put a road block in my life. One day i got caught shop lifting with my buddies and i was the only one that got caught. I'm still really great friends with both and they will be serving missions soon! Ever since then i have been closer to God and he has put my life more in check.. I managed football my Junior and Senior year of High school. Life went really well and God never gave up on me! I have gained really close friends and family! I have a better relationship with my mom and dad! I have a Testimony of the church. I'm thankful, blessed, motivated, alive, and True. The church is my life!

Why I am a Mormon

Ever since when i was born my parents brought me up into the church. It brought friends that have become family to me. I got baptized when i was 8 and I'm a member of the church. I'm still learning and growing through the gospel as life goes on. I have learned that there isn't more than one path out there that's pure. There's only the straight and narrow path that I'm choosing to follow it. It's either you choose good or evil, nothing is in between that. I'd rather be happy for the rest of my life and have Gods helping had on my side.Then feel miserable and short of myself forever with evil controlling my life. As i have followed life's concepts, I've asked myself "Why am i choosing to be a Mormon?" I have been down many roads, but the number 1 thing why i keep choosing to be LDS is that i have seen many miracles and so much happiness. By those things being seen and happening in my life. I have known that God isn't giving up on me. More and more as life continues I'm giving up many simple temptations in my life. Such as: Listening to bad music, watching most sports on Sunday, swearing, bad movies and partying. I have been making small and challenging decisions such as this because i know that they will have a major impact on my life. I'm planning on serving a mission soon, but before i do God has many trials set up for me on path. It's scary, hard, painful or pain free surprising, but i know that the Lord will bless me if i try my best to get back to health. It will be in a miracle in a way, but if you believe in the impossible you can overcome anything with faith in him! Luke 1:37. "For with God nothing shall be impossible."

How I live my faith

I live my faith by keeping the commandments of God and being happy about it! I go to church often, I act upon many service opportunities, i go home teaching and I'm an everyday person that wants to become closer to and like God. The activities that i have participated in are: Churchball, scouts, service activities, going to church, preparing for my mission, seminary, mutual, and being an everyday member teaching others about the gospel.. In the majority of quorums that i have served in i have been a Secretary.

What is being a Mormon like?

Is being happy, blessed, and thankful apart of being a Mormon? Yes! Being a Mormon is being something apart of. Such as: A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a group of people that have similar values and the same beliefs, Gods work and his glory, Gods pasture of sheep, a family, an organization that's planning on covering the face of the earth and preparing for Gods arrival in the last days. Being a Mormon has its pro's if you want to live with God again and con's if you choose to be like of the world. Pro's: Your happy, your blessed as a family to live forever with God, your never alone, by coming to church and living God's covenants every moment of your life, your able to feel clean and pure, the church will always be there if you need help financially, the act of service, and spiritually. With all that Christ did on the cross, your able to repent, get resurrected (have a perfect body) and live with him again. Con's: It's easy to follow the natural man, but its worth not going along with Satin's temptations.. You don't watch sports on Sunday, You sacrifice partying, listening to bad music, swearing, pornography, spending more time with friends, not keeping the commandments/you need to live them, and being apart of the World's image. Doing this is what being a Mormon is like! I try to live it, i love it and its whats keeping me happy and going.. It may seem hard and all, but if you Love God more than yourself then you will be happier. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

I know that the church's stance on serving a mission is True. I firmly believe that everyone, when they are the right age should at least try and serve a mission. If you have medical situations that limit you from serving a mission. The Lord will understand and there are other missionary opportunities out there that you can get involved with. If you can not afford to serve a mission, talk with your bishop and if you have a true sincere desire to serve he will make things work. If your afraid to serve a mission, your not alone. Always know that the Lord is on your side as you serve worthily and that you can make a difference in so many other peoples lives. I know that when your only in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of God. I know that to be true and it has blessed my life in so many ways. I hope that my opinion will encourage you to serve a mission or even serve the Lord! Show more Show less