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Hi I'm Melody

I grew up in the western United States. I am a wife, a mom, a grandma, and I love being a jr. high school teacher!

About Me

I have spent most of my life raising my own children. Now that they are grown, I am serving other children. I am passionate about discovering how youth learn and then applying those principles to teaching. I am working toward my Masters of Education degree and I teaching English/Language Arts to jr.-high-aged youth. It is a complex and challenging job because students are individuals who have great variety in their backgrounds, circumstances, and education. I love the challenge!! When I am not preparing lessons, teaching, or assessing student work, I am on adventures with my husband and family. My husband and I love to be outside walking, exploring nature, or traveling to local historical or nature sites. Weekends find us surrounded by family - children and grandchildren - eating together, playing games, talking, laughing, and making plans. We love to show each other funny videos online and have discussions about how to manage our lives better. We love to vacation together, planning explorations of the areas we visit, how the meals will be prepared, which family activities we will do, and then we go and have a good time being with each other. I wrestle with Crohn's Disease in the midst of all this. I continue to learn how to take care of my body through good times and bad.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because the principles of this gospel are true. Given by Jesus Christ through the scriptures, prophets, apostles, and others, the principles are instructions for happiness. I love that we are here on earth to figure things out for ourselves, to test things and to draw conclusions. We are not alone or unassisted - we have revelations from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to help us!! We have many helps from Them to aid us in our journey!!! The fact that the Savior has atoned for our sins and mistakes, as well as our weaknesses, makes failure a pathway to learning and growth rather than something that condemns us or fills us with hopelessness. There's always hope in the Savior, Jesus Christ! With his help, we can overcome, even if we do experience difficult things. He will help us turn our mistakes, weakness, failures, and challenges all to our good, growth, learning and happiness. He makes our successes and progress sweet with confirming feelings of light and happiness. There is substance and meaning to living my life this way, and so I am a Mormon who believes in Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and their plan for our ultimate happiness and joy. Even though I have trouble with Crohn's Disease, I have confidence in Heavenly Father's plan for me. One day I will have a resurrected body, free from these digestive problems, but for now I can put my illness in perspective through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can learn where to place my priorities, how to have compassion for others, how to be grateful for healthy days, and how to manage with faith through the flare-ups. I can pray for help and learn little by little how my body works and what will help. I believe in personal revelation - I know Heavenly Father communicates to my mind and heart through the Holy Ghost comfort, ideas, information, hints, potential solutions, and other little nudges of insight and light. I find great hope and happiness knowing Heavenly Father loves me and is helping me.

How I live my faith

My husband and I are responsible for finding and sharing resources to help people in our immediate area with individual and family struggles. We can see that there is a great need to provide information and helps to seeking individuals for problems like financial stress, chronic or long-term illness or disability, relationship struggles, mental and emotional health challenges, and any problems that overwhelm and threaten the family and the individual. In the process, we are learning a great deal about loving people and having compassion. We are learning ways to help ourselves in our marriage and in our own family unit. Both of us have the opportunity to look after specific neighbors and friends. We watch over them, looking for needs and concerns that we can help with. Many times we are helpful just by listening, and other times we can lend a hand to organize help to complete large tasks. In the past, we have served as leaders of organizations designed to care for others in very practical as well as spiritual ways. We have helped by sharing our belief in the ability of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to intervene in our lives and direct our paths. We have helped to provide food, clothing, health care, and employment to those who struggle. Sometimes, we just struggle along with them, sharing the stress and burden of life. Sometimes we have helped with funerals and long-term illness to bring as much relief and comfort as we can. We have also been the recipients of such care and love. We do these same things at work, trying to meet the needs of those we work with. It has always been our goal to lift heavy hearts and weighty burdens. Since I struggle with Crohn's Disease, I know first-hand the difficulties of chronic illness. I continually put my faith in God to help me know what to do and how to do it, or to just hang on through turbulent digestive problems. I am grateful to those who serve me in my hours of need.