What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Cannon

I´m a sports fanatic, beach lover, world traveler, science geek, and I´m a Mormon

About Me

I am from the beautiful state of Washington. I love the rainy Pacific Northwest. I am currently serving a mission in the Chile Rancagua Mission, and am loving every minute of it. Before my mission, I studied at BYU Hawaii and spent the year at the beach. After, I plan on transfering to BYU Provo to study Environmental Science. And am hopeful to eventually go to Dental School. I love sports, especially lacrosse, basketball, football, and soccer. I am a die hard Seahawk, Sounder, and hopefully soon to be again, Sonics fan. My blood runs blue and green through and through. I am an avid Monopoly player and winner. And enjoy myself a nice robe to lounge in. The comfort and style is impeccable.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon for many reasons. The first is the comfort I receive from my Heavenly Father. Following his commandments and living my life in righteous way, I feel the joy he has for me. This joys makes me have true happiness and is a big self esteem booster. Second, I love the community the church has. There are connections all over the world. No matter where you are, you can always find a friend and a loving support group. Another reason I am a Mormon is because it all just makes sense. All the teaching and doctrine leads you to being a better person, and I think being the best you can be is important. I am a Mormon because I have had the Holy Ghost testify to me that the church is true on many occasions, and have seen many blessings and miracles happen in my life. These experiences have shaped me to who I am today and I want to continue to have these experiences. The church has truly been the best thing in my life.

How I live my faith

I have been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and have been assigned to labour in the Chile Rancagua Mission. I leave in May of 2014 and am excited to serve the people of Chile. I live my faith in a number of ways. The first is by serving others. We are taught to try to be like Christ. An attribute of him was selflessness and serving others. Because of this, I actively participate in community service. From feeding the homeless, to helping widows in the community I was able to accumulate countless hours of service during my High School

How can I find someone to talk with, in person, about the Mormon religion?

There are a couple of ways! One way is if you know somebody who is a member, talk with them. They should be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Another way is to meet with the missionaries. Missionaries are in most places in the world and can be easily identified by there white shirts, suits, ties, and black name badges. Missionaries are a great way to be taught more about the gospel and answer any questions you have. You can ask a member you know if you would like to meet with the missionaries and they can help set up a meeting with them. If you do not know a member, you can call 1-888-537-6600 (in US and Canada only), to arrange to meet with representative to answer the questions you have. Show more Show less

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

It is easy. There are many ways to come of this knowledge. First we can talk to him through prayer. We can ask him for reassurance and love. We can also read the testimonies of apostles and prophets in the scriptures, the Bible and Book of Mormon. We can also feel his love and become closer to our Father in Heaven by keeping his commandments. As we keep them, he blesses us and the knowledge of him becomes evident and clear in our lives. Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is written by many ancient prophets. It is started off by the prophet Lehi, who is from Jerusalem. We learn that he was commanded form God to lead a small group of people to the Americas and it tells of the accounts of that people. It is a collection of prophets throughout this people's history, and was compiled by a prophet known as Mormon. He is one of the last of these ancient prophets, and he buries the record before he dies. The record tells of Christ's ministry in the Americas after his resurrection and the gospel he taught and church he formed amongst them. The Book of Mormon contains the teachings of Jesus Christ, testifying of his Atonement and his love. The Book of Mormon supports and verifies the Bible. Joseph Smith was guided where to find the buried record and translated it through the help of the Lord. He did not write it. The Book of Mormon concludes with a great promise that those who read it and sincerely pray about it can know by the Holy Ghost that it is true (Moroni 10:4). Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Families are so important to us because they provide love and support. We learn and grow from each other, as well as help us through the challenges of life. We believe that families can be together for all eternity, so it is important to have good relationships with each family member. Families can offer happiness and a place of refuge as well as an endless supply of love and comfort. Show more Show less

What is a ward/stake/branch?

A ward is a a community of members of the church who develop friendships and help each other. Wards cover a geographical are in which members in that area attend church with others in that area. Branches are like wards, however, they have less members. Like a miniature ward, for areas that do not have enough members to be classified as a ward. A group of wards and branches make up a stake. The structure of wards, branches, and stakes are similar. The leader of a branch is known as the Branch President, the leader of a ward is known as the Bishop, and the leader of a stake is known as a Stake President. Each have counselors to help them as well as other members of the branch, ward, or stake who help make the church run properly. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Mormons help everyone. For example, my ward back home worked in harmony with a local Catholic church to prepare humanitarian aid, primarily school supplies, to struggling third world countries. Christ teaches us to be selfless and to help all those who are in need, so we aim to help as many people as possible. It doesn´t matter if they are affiliated with the church or not. Missionaries give countless hours of service to people in the communities they are located in to serve the people as well. Show more Show less

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

The Word of Wisdom is abstaining from partaking of tobacco products, alcohol, coffee and tea, and illegal drugs. This was a commandment given to us by God during the restoration to better our health and to keep our bodies clean. These products are addictive and can take away our agency, freedom of our choices, if they make people dependent on them. God has promised physical and spiritual blessing to those who follow the Word of Wisdom. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

No, you are not required to serve a mission. It is strongly encouraged and is considered a privilege and duty, but it is not mandatory. Show more Show less

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

The scriptures teach in the New Testament that the Savior taught his disciples, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations" (Matthew 28:19). As followers of Jesus Christ, we follow his teachings and go and teach all over the world. Missionaries volunteer 18 months - two years of their lives to proselyte. They do this to have the opportunity to provide service to others, as well as share the gospel that has brought them so much happiness, joy, and guidance in their lives to others. In essence, they go and teach their beliefs and knowledge so that others can have the same joy and blessings they have had in their lives. Show more Show less