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Hi I'm Brian

I've been depressed. I've carried my track team to states. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently in college, and studying web development and philosophy. I ran track in high school, both hurdle races and two relays. I am the oldest of five, although one of my sisters died back in 2001. I have always been more on the outskirts of social interaction, but those who need my help will always receive it. I enjoy reading, but I can't do it very often otherwise I become absorbed in the story instead of the things around me.

Why I am a Mormon

My conversion started during my high school years. I felt very alone, and often felt invisible except for when people needed someone to listen to them. I would smile and try to make myself feel better, and pray to get better. I grew up in the Church, and so I had that influence throughout my childhood, and I never abandoned it. However, I had not been converted yet. No one is converted simply because they were born in the Church, they are simply given opportunity earlier in life. So as I continued to go to church and interact with the other youth, I still felt alone and that things weren't going well. I felt stuck, as though I couldn't progress. So I prayed hard,for a month I prayed every day for God to bring me a friend, someone I would recognize as being the friend I needed. This was a hard thing for me, because all my life I had felt like I couldn't have friends, or that they would leave me. So one day, at a youth dance, I met my friend. We both had major problems, but we worked together and eventually we got better. Because of the influence of this friend, I began to feel again, I had the energy to read scripture. And as I read, something happened. I had always known that the Book of Mormon was true, ever since I was a child, but knowing something and applying it are two different things. So as I began to read again, I began to apply the things I learned, to understand the things I was taught in the book. I had always been rather well behaved, but now I began to become better. I went out of my way to help people, I would look for opportunities to make things easier for other people. By deciding to accept a friend, to let God help me, I came to know Jesus Christ. I learned more about the Atonement, and what it really means. I learned that it is okay to make mistakes, but that we also have to get up and keep trying. I have stumbled since the start of my conversion, and I don't doubt that things will happen again, but I will never let go of Christ, my Savior.

How I live my faith

Before coming to college I spent my time after school serving at the local food pantry, and it was the most amazing experience. I served for nearly a year, missing out on my year mark by three weeks, but I loved every moment of it. I read the scriptures often and love the feeling of light that comes into me when I do this. I serve regularly in my church and am currently the sunday school president.

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

Something that I have been learning is how to have an open mind. I am not against people exercising their agency as they see fit. That does not mean that I encourage them to behave opposite to what I believe. I am not against people, I am against Satan. I believe that if someone wants to break the law of Chastity, they have the power to do so. And I am not against the power of agency that they have, but I am against what they choose to do in that case. I know members of the Church who have same gender attraction, and yet they still feel comfortable in the Church and with its stance on this issue.This is because they believe in obeying the laws of God. Marriage is religious, civil union is not. They are recognized similar or the same in the eyes of government, but that doesn't mean they are. If governments will allow civil union, then ok. But the government doesn't have the right to declare marriage as being between a man and a man or woman and woman. It is a religious ceremony, between three beings. A man, women, and Heavenly Father. Abuse of agency is in your power as a child of God. But that doesn't take away from what is right or wrong. I am not against the feelings of homosexuality, but I am against acting on them. Just as I am against heterosexuals acting upon their feelings outside of the legal bonds of matrimony. Show more Show less

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

We can stop the spread and influence of pornography by actually speaking up, and by raising awareness about the damage it does. Pornography is not just wrong morally, it is also a health hazard, creating inappropriate connections in the brain and flooding it with hormones and chemicals. As a people we need to speak up against this, just as we have begun to regarding tobacco use. Another thing that we can do is to educate our children while they are still young. There needs to be an openness between children and parents in these times about real and proper sexual relationships and feelings. If they are not taught by trusted adults, they will be taught by media and other less trustworthy sources. The proper education of our children in combination with being vocal about our convictions to those who are in positions to institute the needed changes is vital. Show more Show less