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Hi I'm Jeffrey Kay Anderson

I grew up in Utah. Develop technology products. Have a beautiful family and 4 awesome grandchildren. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a husband, dad, grandfather and son. I graduated with BA and MBA degrees from BYU. I love to golf, ski, play all kinds of sports, and sing. I also love visiting historically signficiant sites with my sweetheart and playing with my grandchildren. As a professional, I have been leading product development and product management endeavors for many years, especially related to technology development. I have traveled many places around the world, including many Asian, European, and African countries. When traveling in the United States, I have found that I love the energy of New York City as well as the peaceful beaches of San Diego. I have been an entreprenuer providing services to industries as diverse as cattle feed supplements to networking software. Those experiences have found me tromping through waist deep snow in -30 F temperatures at 3 a.m. on a ranch in Montana, to sitting in a concert hall in Las Vegas with Ray Charles playing the piano at a high tech client's event. I am so grateful for the experiences I have been blessed with in my life. Both of my parents passed away from different types of cancer and I have come appreciate not only their wonderful influence and example in my life, but I have come to have great compassion and admiration for others who battle with these types of challenges, including my beautiful granddaughter who due to a tramatic brain injury at birth, has cerebral palsy and is an angel in our life.

Why I am a Mormon

I love The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with all my heart. From the time I was a young boy my parents taught me to pray and to seek truth for myself. There are some significant events that precipitated the organization of the LDS Church (including the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith's vision of the Father and Son when he was a young boy in upstate New York) and I knew, even as a young man, that were those events true, that it would be worth every effort, all my time and energy, to find out for myself, through prayer and asking God, if they were true, because that would mean a commitment that required my all, throughout my entire life. I took that challenge on and began to study, pray and ponder in earnest that I might gain a spiritual witness that the events that began this Church of Jesus Christ were indeed from God and true and I gained that deep and sacred understanding on my knees in my home. That spiritual witness has been repeated throughout my life and has been reaffirmed over and over. I know Our Heavenly Father's plan is for all of His children, everywhere, no matter what their background or life's experience. That spiritual witness led me to serve a mission that I might declare His love and His gospel to others and it continues to burn inside in a way that motivates me everyday to follow Christ, to want to become like Him, and to seek access to His grace through His Atonement wrought for all mankind. I know God is no respector of persons, that His love and blessings are available to all and that all are free to choose according to their own beliefs, but I also know, that with truth and understanding come a responsibility to reach out to His children everywhere and to share and to live the Gospel. While I have many weaknesses, I am grateful for a loving Savior who has shown me the way and loves me everyday, and I desire to repay that love by striving to be a disciple of Christ and sharing His love with others.

How I live my faith

My family and I have are members of our local community LDS congregation (Ward) and love participating regularly in worshipping Our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Due to my calling in our Church, I regularly visit other local community Wards and talk in those congregations on various gospel topics. My wife and I also have the opportunity to participate in Youth events and to visit the homes regularly of some single parent families in our neighborhoods to make sure they are doing well. My wife regularly teaches a gospel class and participates in a variety of activities to ensure the needs of families in our area are being taken care of. We regularly hold family home evenings in our home, a time on Monday evenings for those in our family who are close by to gather together and enjoy recreational acitvities or to study the gospel together. We cherish family time. My wife and I also regularly attend the LDS temple near our home to provide important gospel ordinances for our loved ones who have already passed on but were not able to have those blessings in their lives while living here on earth.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Jeffrey Kay Anderson
Mormon's believe deeply that the whole human family are begotten spirit sons and daughters of God and therefore, we have a great responsibility to each other, to lift, and bless and help. To that end, the Church donates hundreds of millions of dollars throughout the world to provide humanitarian assisatnce to help make the world a better place. Show more Show less