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Hi I'm Devon Lee

I am a Home Educator. I am A Patient Genealogist. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a home educator living in Iowa but I call Texas home. My husband and I have been married more than a decade but it seems like such a short time. We have five awesome children that we're blessed to raise. When I have free time, I'd rather be with friends or work on my family history. My parents and grandparents have all passed away so it's up to me to record their lives and legacy.

Why I am a Mormon

Nearly 20 years ago, I was on a college trip in a very small town in Texas. We stayed in a hotel one night and I felt something wrong. I felt a crushing feeling and I needed to escape this hotel. Mind you, I was in a very small town. So when I left this hotel, I was soon in great darkness with the only light coming from the hotel. As I turned back to look at where I came from, God's spirit began to talk to me. In short, I was reminded of the poor choices I was making and shown where that path would lead. I was then reminded of my greatest desire... an eternal family, peace, and true happiness. I was reminded which path would lead me to that desire. And I was given a choice... the way I was going or the way God had established? My family had not practiced religion in my home in my youth. I knew a few basic truths about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. It's not surprising I had come to this moment of truth. But I came to it and I decided to try God's plan. That plan required gaining a testimony of the Holy Bible. If that book isn't true, nothing else matters. And I know it is true from the witness of the Holy Spirit. Then I needed to decide if the Book of Mormon was true. After much prayer and waiting, I received a sure knowledge of it's truthfulness. The journey to a strong belief in Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness and Salvation is on going. I count the beginning from that day so many years ago. But I know that each step I make towards true happiness and peace is in the right direction and I have been greatly blessed. The one unifying principle for me found only in this church is the fact that families can be together forever. My grandmother and mother both died in 2012. Though I miss them terribly, I have peace knowing there is life after death and not only will I see them again, we can be an eternal family. I can't describe in words how much comfort I received from this sure knowledge as I grieved their deaths.

How I live my faith

I am an assistant American Sign Language interpreter for my congregation though I often feel inadequate for the job. I'm constantly learning and hoping that I don't mess up as my training is self-taught (with the assistance of a great mentor and patient deaf families).I've had many other opportunities to serve at my church and my favorite would be serving young girls ages 8-12. But each opportunity to serve has challenged me and taught me how to become more like my Savior. At home, we read scriptures, memorize verses, pray as a family and individually, and have a family night once a week to reconnect. I support my children in their youth programs at church by helping them work on their goals and activities. We also love when it's our turn to help clean the church. I'm not afraid for people to know that I am a Mormon. It's a natural part of me because it's my true core.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Devon Lee
When you go to a spiritually based meeting, aren't the meetings stronger when all in attendance have a common, unifying belief? For me, yes. When a baptized member of our church, who has demonstrated this common belief, attends the temple the meetings make more sense than if they did not have this foundation. Additionally, we go to the temple so we can provide saving ordinances for our beloved family members who have died without the opportunity to receive them. For millennia, people have wanted to serve their ancestors and had differing views on how to do it. Our church teaches a way to offer saving ordinances to our family members that they can choose to accept or reject. These ordinances are so sacred they require people in attendance to have a common faith foundation in order for them to be acceptable to God. Many people can respect the value of sacred things. Many understand Moses and the sacred ground he once stood upon. Sacred things aren't secret things in a bad way. They are simply so special, they are sacred. I invite anyone who wants to know what a temple is like to attend an open house or the temple grounds in their area. If you then feel a sense that there is something right and good about these temple, please learn more through missionaries or your Mormon friends. Show more Show less