What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Holly

I'm a person who loves frogs, squirrels, and chocolate chip cookies. I am a Mormon, and I love it!

About Me

For my whole life, I have been an introverted bookworm who would rather read a book than go to a school dance, which, lets face it, didn't really give me an opportunity to show off my really awesome dance moves to all my peeps. JUST KIDDING!! I dance as well as chicken with its head cut off :) But reading books and doing my schoolwork instead of going to those dances did help me to get good grades in high school and college. I've found that even though I do have the tendencies to be quiet and shy, I still enjoy making new friends, and each person I meet always has something to teach me, I've discovered. In fact, I mostly kept to myself and did my homework in college, but I still became friends with my roommates, and I discovered something fantastic. We are all different, with different hobbies, talents, and interests, but we all have at least one thing in common; In Heavenly Father's eyes, we all bring something unique to the body of Christ, and we are all SUPER important to Him.

Why I am a Mormon

Christ's love and spirit is felt in abundance in every ordinance that is in the LDS church. I have never felt as much peace, love, and happiness anywhere else as I have felt when I am studying the scriptures and really seeking to know God through the words of the prophets. I feel Him in my life, and that is why I am a Mormon. I'm not saying this to say that people of different religions don't feel God's love and influence, because I know they do. God's love is whole, pure, and holy, and it is extended toward every single human being on the planet, and not just Mormons. But in this church, God has given us special keys and ordinances that will make it possible for ALL of His sons and daughters-- His dearly loved children-- to be with Him in Heaven, which is a pure place, a place that we couldn't possibly enter after our lives on earth without Christ's help, and this help includes the ordinances like baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost. This church is true. It is real. And it is mine, and yours, because of God's love.

How I live my faith

Honestly, I just live it. I read my scriptures, pray, and try to get closer to God through the small and simple things, like looking at a pretty bird, sunset, or cute puppy, or by helping my mom with the dishes. GOD IS AMAZING!! And He is seen EVERYWHERE. Living as a Mormon helps me to see God more, and know that He is with me. Always.

What are Mormon Temples used for?

It seems weird, doesn't it, that only Mormons can go to the temple? It makes it seem like we do something dark and secretive inside them because only those with recommends can go inside. But I've been inside, and I can personally say that it is the most wonderful place, containing nothing sinister in the slightest. In fact, what we do in them is the opposite of sinister; It is holy. As I walk in, a feeling of peace, contentment, and love washes over me, which tells me that I am in the place I need to be. To all those reading this, I want to testify that God lives, and He for sure can be found in the Temple. Show more Show less