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Hi I'm Miriam Millet

I'm a photographer, genealogist, artist and author. I love history, plants, and my family. And I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I was born in Utah, the oldest of 7 children. All of us have been home-schooled our entire lives, with the belief that parents are primarily responsible for the nurture and education of their children. My parents have always striven to teach by following the Holy Spirit's guidance, and let life be our curriculum. My parents had a difficult time having children, but I am a miracle. I believe that it was through faith, prayer, and fasting that I was born, with divine help, and that I have a wonderful work to do on this earth. I love music: playing and listening to it, especially hymns, classical pieces, and basically anything that elevates the soul. I play the violin as well as the piano, mostly self-taught, with some help from my parents and others. I write books and poetry, and love creating art. Plants are becoming a passion to me. I enjoy studying the details and uses of plants and thinking about all of the care and planning that God has put into each flower, each leaf, and that they don't go unnoticed. This helps me remember how much God loves me, and each one of His children, and how we are created with a purpose. We are each unique and have something great to add. God has placed so much beauty and reminders of His immense love for us all around and I love to capture that so that it can be remembered throughout time, whether that be through art, photography, journaling, writing, music, or whatever. I love my family so much and yearn for when I can have one of my own.

Why I am a Mormon

I am grateful to be a member of the LDS church and to have the Gift of having the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, so he can guide me and give me personal revelation from God. Sometimes it is difficult for me to differentiate good from evil (or good from good sometimes!), so I am grateful for Priesthood blessings which can be a means of revealing God's desires for me. Revelation through multiple venues (prophets, revealed scripture, Spirit) is extremely important, especially in these days when there is so much to discourage, tempt, and confuse us. Scripture is my friend. The covenants that can be made in the Holy Temple are only to be found in their completeness in the LDS church. These are the blessings that make it so that we can literally live with and like God. My love of the Savior and of the gospel is something I treasure and want to share with others so that they may be happy and come closer to Christ, to be perfected in him. I try to be a good example of what I believe in what I do and say, and get to know others more deeply by finding common beliefs and letting them know I truly care about them because they are children of God. I look forward to serving a mission for the Lord and know that every person, when they rely on the Savior and follow His commands, will make a difference in at least one person's life-for good. My mission might not be one with a black name tag on my coat, but the Lord has a mission of some kind for me. My family has gone through a lot of struggles together, and the Lord has been there with us through every one of them. We pray together every day and study God's word. The Lord has always made sure that we have enough, that we are safe, and that all of our needs are met-not always right away, but always. The gospel of Jesus Christ is my life. Everything I do and say, is really centered around it, is affected by my understanding of it. I love the peace that I can find through it, the joy it promises.

How I live my faith

I have earned an award in this church called the "Young Womanhood Recognition," twice, which takes a lot of effort to earn: much scripture study, service, and projects to better oneself. I struggle with depression and anxiety, but I am learning to trust in the Lord more fully and to feel of His great compassion. My family has been a great strength to me, reminding me of who I am, and how the Lord works in my life. I seek for that true joy which only the Savior can provide. I participate in projects such as Humanitarian aid, and my family helps people move in/out of houses in our area. I love to find the good in others and to compliment them for their good qualities, good works. As I do so, I feel better about myself, as well as help raise others up to recognize the positive difference that they make. I have many friends of different ages whom I care for and visit, teaching them of their worth and strengthening/comforting them according to their needs. I desire to bring light, truth, comfort, and joy to those around me in what I do, say, and create. Currently I teach the 3-5 yr.-olds at church meetings. They have so much energy and love for life, making me smile and learn so much. Accepting this calling was somewhat difficult for me, but, after more prayer and pondering, counseling with my family, my church leaders, and most importantly the Lord, I felt at peace concerning my decision to accept the calling. It has been a blessing to me. I have been able to come closer to the Lord as I have searched out how to best help each child in my care, to teach them the most important things, including how much the Lord loves them. I am working towards being able to go to the holy temple, the house of the Lord, to "receive my endowments" soon. This will be a great blessing in my life, to be able to continue to make and keep covenants with the Lord and to have His promises of great blessings and power; to further understand my purpose and God's plan for His children.