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Hi I'm Trevor

I'm a Proud Father of 3 handsome boys, a Husband to a beautiful wife, an Information Security Professional & a Mormon.

About Me

I'm in my early 30's. I work hard to support my family and meet their needs, and maintain that balance between my personal life, my professional life, and my family life including spending quality time with my new bride, and each of my 3 sons on an individual basis. I'm a huge tech geek and the go-to guy for most of my friends and family that need assistance with their computers or devices. My friends would call me an Apple Fanboy with all the iDevices I've owned, but I'm happy that I've now graduated to an Android cell phone. I'm also into high performance cars, and specifically the Nissan Skyline GT-R. My sons are very excited to watch and help as I build and race my next project car. I also love to watch good TV shows with my wife and I'm addicted to the cinema. I wish I could say that I was addicted to running or the gym, but with both me and my wife working full time, and trying to do our best at raising 3 young kiddos and carting them around to soccer, gymanstics, swimming, piano lessons, time with Grandma and Grandpa, etc... our lives are already pretty hectic and exhausting as-is. I wish I could lose some weight, okay a lot of weight. I wish that I could stop emotionally eating myself into being as overweight as I am, and some day I will achieve my goals of a more healthy lifestyle, but for now having just received primary custody of my sons, I'm ok just getting everyone housed, fed, bathed, clothed, educated, and transported as my life responsibilities require.

Why I am a Mormon

While I was born into the Church, and was baptized at age 8, and served a mission at age 19, and have been sealed to my family in the Temple, I have had numerous opportunities to find fault with the Church or Church leaders or Church members, or to use negative experiences in those situations as an excuse to abandon my testimony of the Gospel or hand in my membership card. I've faced tremendous adversity in many different walks of life, but the Gospel is my rock. Knowing that repentance is real and works, and that I can be forgiven for each and every mistake and misstep along the way has been a very powerful influence in my life as I am far from perfect. Knowing that I can be with my sons and my wife and our future children and my brothers (2 of whom died as children) and my parents for eternity in God's presence is what really drives things home for me. I love my family. God's entire plan for us is to have joy, and living the Gospel is the way that I've found to invite the most joy into my life.

How I live my faith

Life is crazy and I definitely feel like mine is a juggling act, but the gospel gives me a clear path to follow and guidance on how to be a good dad, husband, and disciple of Christ, and those are the most important things to me. It's not easy wrangling 3 kids and getting myself ready to make it to church each Sunday (even for 11AM services), but it is always worth it once I get there. I feel good when I have used my Priesthood to bless the lives of my wife and sons, and it is nice knowing that I can call upon other worthy men in my life like my father, brother, or home teacher to bless me with their Priesthood when I'm in need. I'm currently serving as a Youth Sunday School teacher, and I've had a great group of teens in my class. I've previously taught an adult Sunday School Gospel Doctrine class while living in Japan and attending an English-speaking congregation and that was the most rewarding calling I've had in the Church. I have also lived abroad when I served a mission to Buenos Aires, Argentina when I was 19 years old. I don't aspire to any calling in the Church, and purposely often don't shave or wear ties to church so that there is never any possibility of being put into a Bishopric in the future. I try to apply what Ghandi taught when he said "Be the change you want to see in the world..." except that I'm trying to be the change that I want to see in the Church. I believe in loving others, and reflecting Christ's love for them as my brothers and sisters. I believe in being tolerant and accepting of the different beliefs, viewpoints, opinions and lifestyles that exist in others. Someone else's beliefs that don't line up to mine aren't a threat. My Mormon friends would call me a Liberal or a Hippy because I voted for President Obama and I don't consider him the devil, and I don't think the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the end of the world, and I also support marriage equality. I see these things as part of what brings diversity to the Lord's church.