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Hi I'm Aidan Sprickerhoff


About Me

The name's Aidan, I call myself a "G," my friends call me "the super happy guy," and the kids in food class call me "Bacon Daddy" cause apparently I'm a pretty mean cook when it comes to bacon... Anyways, if you are reading this nifty mormon.org account you are in for a treat, a discovery, if you are a Mormon or not. You simply get to see HOW MUCH I LOVE BEING A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS! :) (By the way if ya don't know, that's the real name of the church, "Mormon" is just what we are called to short form it).

Why I am a Mormon

Aha I thought you would never ask! I don't even know where to begin when answering this question! I'm a Mormon because I love it! Its a church "that makes bad men good and good men better." It is a church that challenges me to be a good person. It is a church that challenges me to love others more than I ever could. It is a church that keeps me free! When I live it I smile more. When I live it I am more popular at school. When I live it I am smoother with the ladies. When I live it I want to talk to people and make new friends. When I live it I feel more confident. When I live it I preform better. When I live it I literally cry of joy because I realize that this is actually true! When I live it I never feel alone, because it has showed me that God is real and is always there for me. I promise! God is real! This is the whole reason why I've made this account, because everybody needs to know that I know that this church is true. Everybody needs to know that God is real. Call me preachy or whatever you want, but I just want you to feel the joy that I feel every day, the joy that makes my life better, the joy that gives me confidence that I can be happy now, and be happy forever. Anybody and everybody who is reading this, I know that this church is true. I know that it will solve ANY problem you got! Just take my advice, and get to know for yourself if God really is there. What is the worst thing that can happen? What do you have to loose? I challenge you to read the Book of Mormon, pray about it, and tell me that it is not true. This has given me so much great joy, that I just wish EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD COULD FEEL IT!

How I live my faith

"How I live my faith," what a question... Where do I start. I live this faith in a million different ways. Being a Mormon makes me Aidan Sprickerhoff! I'll show you how a classic "day in the life of Aidan living his faith" goes. I wake up nice and early (5:30am to be exact) every morning. I hop in the car and drive to seminary which is an early morning class where we study the Book of Mormon, The Bible, or The Doctrine and Covenants (which are all incredible books that I would highly recommend ;D). I come back home, get ready for school, study, pray and ponder about what good I need to do today, how I can become a better person, how I can show someone I love them or make them smile. I then go to school, where I get to see all my amazing friends, I try to be an example to them, try to be seen as a good person, try to show them why I am soooo happy. They all probably find me annoying when I ask them not to use bad language or say my incredible heavenly father's or Jesus' name disrespectfully. I have such amazing friends though, who accept me for who I am and respect me :). Anyways, I come home, pray in thanksgiving for the amazing day I had at school, then do what your kinda average kid would do: homework, hang out with friends, play video games, text, snapchat, instagram, facebook, if its a good thing to do YOU NAME IT BABY I DO IT! Until I pray, and go to bed nice and early so I can repeat the process tomorrow! Sunday though I just get to go to church nice and late at 10:00am, get to feel good again, and recharge for my week to come. Why would I want to live this type of life you ask? Oh you just wait and you will see :)

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Aidan Sprickerhoff
You need an open heart, and to believe he is there. Have faith. Faith and hope drive out all doubt. Just picture him like he is actually there, pray and ask god in the name of Jesus Christ if he is there and if this church is true. Taste of this amazing gospel and see if it is not good and sweet and precious. You will know if he is there. Show more Show less

Who are the Mormons?

Aidan Sprickerhoff
Well, you probably know most of us as Mormons, but believe it or not the real name of this church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You would probably not offend any of us calling us Mormons, but expect us to introduce ourselves as members of Christ's church. We use this long nine-word name to show that we do believe in Christ. Us Mormons believe that this church is his restored gospel. We believe that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father are really there and are constantly watching over us, loving us and helping us, listening to our prayers. We believe in serving others whoever they are, because every single person is one of our Father's children. We believe in being good people. We believe in helping others come to Christ to share the joy and happiness that we feel in this life. We invite all to taste this AMAZING gospel and see how good and precious and happy it really is! Show more Show less