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Hi I'm Summer

Social Media Strategist. U.S. Navy Combat Vet. Temple Worker. Mormon.

About Me

When I was fourteen, I remember looking up at the screen in the movie theatre, saying to myself, "Somebody has to make these movies. Why not me?" A rush of energy moved through my veins, and I knew I'd found my 'calling.' Everything I did, in some way, was focused on developing my craft. Acting, photography, videography, editing... everything. More than anything I wanted to go to film school. But I didn't know how I'd pay for it. So I enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a Photographer. Later, along with advancing rapidly in rank, I advanced into Video Productions - all the while working diligently on my college pre-requisites. I worked hard at my ambitions, becoming what the military titles a "hard charger." I'm proud to say all my work paid off and I became the best in my field, earning the title of Military Videographer of the Year. Everything worked out "according to my plan." Except for one thing. I came back from my tour as a combat photographer in Iraq with some serious emotional burdens, or what is understood as PTSD. For a long while I didn't know if I'd ever be 'okay,' or if I'd ever feel safe shooting video or editing footage again. But, through a tremendous outpouring of mercy, guidance of the Holy Ghost and the ever-strengthening love of my Savior and His faithful Atonement, mountains have been climbed and crests have been reached. The vistas have been glorious. And even though there are still more ahead, I'm grateful to know I don't have to brave them alone.

Why I am a Mormon

Being born into the church was definitely not enough. I had to find my own "conversion story." It's easy to go to church on Sunday, weekly activities, and other extracurricular activities or classes, but that doesn't mean a person really knows what The Church of Jesus Christ is all about. Really and wholly, it's about Jesus Christ. One reason I'm a Mormon is that I have felt the stirring of the Holy Ghost while I've participated in the many functions of this church. But the main reason I'm a Mormon is because, quite frankly, being faithful to its precepts has literally saved my life. On numerous occasions it's been that bridge between despair and hope; between fear and courage; and between confusion and peace. It has always been my "rock and my salvation." I'm a Mormon because it's the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon gifts a deeper context and testimony of the Bible to me. The Spirit that attests of this is a Spirit of peace and piercing of the heart. The Priesthood, or the privilege to act in God's name is a sacred, powerful duty through which I've seen miracles performed. I continue as a Mormon because, in good conscience, I could never deny these things are true.

How I live my faith

I could easily summarize my faith activity by saying I work with the youth on a regional level (or what is called a "Stake Calling") and that I serve as a temple worker regularly. But that's not all there is to it. I live my faith every day through prayer, scripture study, and trying my best to "walk with God." I'm not perfect and I have my own dynamic past, but that's what makes me, me. Still, I'm not about to let my "rough edges" from the military or prominent and visible tattoos define my worth to my Heavenly Father or to those around me. On the contrary. I live my faith by setting an example that, no matter what you have done or who you are, anyone can "become new" through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I was called to work in the temple I said, "Wow. Me?" Yes. You. Working in the temple affords me the humbling privilege of helping others perform work that seals families together - forever. Serving the youth gives me the opportunity to encourage tomorrow's generation to prepare for the same thing - today. God trusts his children with great things when they put their full trust in Him. And that is how I live my faith. I anchor my trust in my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.