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Hi I'm Siera Emily Koyle

I like fruit snacks, ice cream, Oreos, and the great state of Oklahoma. I'm a daughter of God. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

There are special experiences in the lives of all of us that touch our souls and make things different forever. For me, one such experience has been serving a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This experience has transformed my life. I was currently able to serve in the Oklahoma City Oklahoma mission for 12 months. I loved it there! Recently I had to come home on a medical release. I harbor high hopes that I'll be given the opportunity to go back and complete my last six months in the field. I love being a missionary! One of the most rewarding things about being a representative of Jesus Christ is that I get to share His restored gospel every single day with the wonderful people of Oklahoma. I am one of 85,147 missionaries serving all around the world. Even still today the Lord is inspiring more missionaries to serve. I am grateful to be such an important part of this great unfolding miracle. You too are an important part of this unfolding miracle. If you’re not a full-time missionary become involved. The Lord needs you now more than ever to be an instrument in His hands. Pray for your own opportunities to share the gospel. Opportunities will open to you. If you're not a member that doesn't mean you're exempt. All of us have a contribution to make to this miracle. You just may be the miracle! More about me: I love to laugh and I enjoy making fun memories. I grew up in Burley Idaho and I'm the third oldest of ten children.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because this gospel has blessed my life so abundantly. I wouldn't be the person I am now striving to become without the guidance and direction of a loving Heavenly Father. It seems that most everyone I meet is living an unexpected life. Certainly life is turning out differently from what I imagined it would be. Regardless, I know that my Father in Heaven loves me. He is aware of me. He knows and cares about me, and desires that I seek His guidance through humble prayer, his servants here on earth, and from the perfect example of His son, Jesus Christ. Having this knowledge is incredible. I know Jesus Christ is my personal Savior. One of my favorite sayings is: "we all need Jesus". How true that statement is! It is because of Him I am able to become perfected due to the manifestation of His ultimate sacrifice and infinite love. Because of Him I have found renewed hope and peace. I have witnessed His forgiveness and love. By living after the example He set for me I have found true joy and happiness. I am a member of the church because we believe in being a covenant keeping people that focus on living our covenants each day - deliberately and intentionally. I need that, because by all means, I am not a perfect person. I have my weaknesses and I've made many mistakes but, because I've had those real-life experiences, I've witnessed the Lord customize those experiences specifically for my individual growth and my personal sanctification. Covenants bring greater purpose and intent to every aspect of every day and every situation. I am a member of the church because we believe, probably more than anyone, in divine personal revelation for our lives. God still speaks to us today. With that knowledge we hold such great precedence to the scriptures, to ancient and modern day prophets, to prayer, the guidance of the Holy Ghost, and the witness of peace that comes into our hearts.

How I live my faith

Quite often, life isn't always what we think it should be. Because of that many people, myself included, have wondered the all-inclusive question 'why?' Why do certain things happen? Many of us experience trials, disappointments, sadness, sickness, setbacks, and heartaches. We may experience uncertainty, persecution, abuse, the death of a loved one, difficulties, and adversity. These and all other trials are simply a natural, annoying part of life. On the flip side, there will always be so much to smile and laugh about. There will always be memories to cherish, puddles to splash in, crowds to serf in, friends and family to support, encourage, and love. There will always be a chance to watch the sun rise and set, master a handstand, steal a kiss in the rain, and change someone's life for the better. You will always have the opportunity to make a difference. The world may crash around you but you can choose to respond with faith. You can have your one good cry then pick your chin up, smile, and move on to the positive. You can find peace and joy even when you wrestle with challenges or suffer through a long, uneven journey. Choose to be happy. The Lord has a plan of happiness for you. Having a knowledge of that plan has given my inquiring mind, the answer to that 'why.' In a revelation given to the prophet Moses, we are told of God's ultimate purpose: "To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man" (Moses 1:39). Our loving Father in Heaven created a very special plan to give everyone the opportunity to receive a fullness of joy. Understanding this plan for my personal happiness, has provided me with an eternal perspective. It helps me to truly value the commandments, the covenants, and the trials and tribulations. I live my faith my aligning my life in line with God's will for me.

What is the Book of Mormon?

Siera Emily Koyle
The answer to this question can be found on the title page of the Book of Mormon. This is an exciting page that often we miss. The second paragraph explains the main purpose for this book. This purpose is of great importance and will help you understand what the Book of Mormon is. The purpose is to review the covenants which the Lord has made with those who make and keep his covenants and commandments as well as to convince all men everywhere "that Jesus is the Christ the Eternal God, manifesting Himself unto all nations." Here we can understand the reason for the subtitle on the front cover, "Another Testament of Jesus Christ." Specifically, the Book of Mormon teaches that Jesus Christ will manifest Himself, or make Himself known to all those who have faith and come unto Him. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said: "The principle and commanding figure in the Book of Mormon, ... is the Lord Jesus Christ. The book centers on that which scriptural testaments have always centered since the days of Adam and Eve - the declaration to all, that through the Atonement of the Son of God, as you have fallen, you may be redeemed, and all mankind, even as many as will. The Book of Mormon is the preeminent statement of God's covenants with and His love for His children here on earth. It is His definitive latter-day revelation regarding the atoning sacrifice of his Son." Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

Siera Emily Koyle
The last line on the title page to the Book of Mormon says, "translated by Joseph Smith Jun." What an incredible statement that is. To put that in context, think of the translators who translated the Holy Bible. There were 50 scholars who translated for 7 years to give us the King James version of the Bible. They translated at a rate of one page of scripture per day. The prophet Joseph Smith started translating on April 7, 1829. He had the translation completed at the end of June 1829. That's 85 days, less than 3 months. He translated this work at the rate of about 8-10 pages per day. That is absolutely incredible! I feel really triumphant if I can read the Book of Mormon in 3 months, but he translated it in 3 months. When you read that little line that says "translated by Joseph Smith Jun." know that that is a very, very significant statement. Joseph Smith was not the author of this book. God spoke to the prophets Nephi, Jacob, Mormon, Moroni, and others in ancient America and they wrote his words on metal plates. Under God's guidance, the Book of Mormon was translated by Joseph Smith from the original records into English. Show more Show less

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

Siera Emily Koyle
Daily scripture study strengthens our testimonies, invites the Holy spirit into our lives, and helps us learn the gospel. Elder Dallin H. Oaks, a member of the Twelve Apostles today taught: "Scripture reading puts us in tune with the spirit of the Lord. Because we believe that scripture reading can help us receive revelation, we are encouraged to read the scriptures again and again. By this means, we obtain access to what our Heavenly Father would have us know and do in our personal lives today. That is one reason why we as Latter-day Saints believe in daily scripture study." The scriptures and the words of living prophets help us know God. As you read his word you will receive guidance in your life. The blessings are incredible and endless. Show more Show less