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Hi I'm Lindsay

I grew up in small town Idaho then went to medical school in Washington, DC. I'm a skin cancer surgeon. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I believe the order of our responsibilities in life are to our God, our spouse, our children, our extended family, our Church, our employment, then our community and country. Consequently, almost everything I do revolves around my wife and children. Remembering how they are affected by the activities I do in the community and work and church is so important because when I die and stand before God to give an accounting of all I did on Earth, He's not going to care very much if at all much about what I did in the community or how successful of a businessman I was. He's going to care about how I cared for my family and my relationship with Him. These are the things I will take with me when I die--my relationships with my family and friends and my God, so everything I do is motivated by these underlying relationships. The reason I have chosen to live this way is that it is such a greater source of happiness than living for things or events. What I want most will determine my happiness. I want a happy family and gain happiness from them being happy. It is a wonderful cycle of giving and living and loving.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon because of how it makes me feel. If the purpose of our lives is to learn to live happily, then that is what I find in living the doctrines and principles of the LDS church. I believe all people are striving to live to feel happiness and joy. They often get confused in their search for that happiness. Sometimes pride, prominence, power, and prestige make one feel good but artificially so. If those with any of these 4 P's is asked, they will tell you that there is a difference between the way they feel when they feel pride, power, or prestige versus the way they felt when they or their spouse had a baby. Or the way they felt when they were ill and someone served them. Those feelings of love and joy are not the same as the 4 P's and the honest can discern the difference. I prefer the feelings of love and joy that come in tender moments between those in a loving relationship. I have come to recognize these good feelings are communications from God through His Holy Ghost. He will teach me good and bad through this medium--my feelings. When I feel true goodness, He is telling me that I am on the right path, that my decisions are good, or that what I am learning is right, true, and good. When I feel badly, darkness, frustrated, blocked, then I know He is telling me that I need a course correction or that what I'm learning isn't right. When I read the Book of Mormon and follow the teachings in that book, I am filled with light and love and good feelings, which, again, is the Lord confirming that it is right. I have felt those feelings again, and again over the last ~30 years. The more I follow those good feelings, the stronger they become and the more certain I am of their origin. All good things come from God and since I like to follow goodness, I will continue to follow God through His Holy Ghost. I have not seen God nor do I plan to until I die. I will suffice that He will lead me along if I am consistent to following the good feelings He sends me.

How I live my faith

After my family, my time spent on Church activities is a major player in my life. I am a bishop in my ward, which means I am the pastoral leader of the congregation in my neighborhood. There are about 430 members of the LDS church in our neighborhood and I enjoy working with them. What do we do? We organize activities and run the programs of the church to teach, strengthen, uplift, bless, and save everyone we can. There are many that are not members of the LDS church within the boundaries of our ward, and to them we are helping them understand that Mormons are normal people with strong ties to their religion because of the witness we have received of the Holy Ghost that it is a church of truth. Since the church teaches that families are the basic unit of heaven, we need to be saved with them. Consequently, we teach and preach repentance, faith, baptism, eternal marriage, being Christlike to everyone we know, and so much more. Doing all this requires a great deal of time. I spend 20-30 hours a week at this assignment, which pretty much takes my hobby time--but that's ok. It has become a hobby to help others and to assist in the Lord's church. Helping someone repent or understand doctrine and change his or her life has much greater happiness than other hobbies I was involved in before. I don't put others down who don't believe as I do--rather, I remain open to help with increased understanding and friendship. I hope that someday all people will feel the peace and happiness I feel and know by living the principles I strive to live.

Who is the Mormon prophet today?

I know that President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. I have read his biography 3 times. No one can become the kind of person he is without God's help. He has followed the Lord his whole life. The Lord has prepared him to be His prophet now. I have felt the Lord's Spirit confirm to my Spirit through my feelings that President Monson is a prophet. Anyone can feel this same feeling if they will apply themselves to know this man and then ask God if he is a prophet. The feeling I felt and feel confirming his divine assignment/calling from God is real and available to all. God wants all of his children to know who his prophet is today on the Earth. I know it is President Thomas S. Monson. Show more Show less