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Hi I'm Sister Hannah Maughan

I'm a Mormon. I am a writer, I speak Portuguese. I love classical music and I absolutely LOVE the Book of Mormon!

About Me

I love to write, read, watch movies, and I play the piano and cello. I am currently serving a full-time LDS mission. When I'm done however, I will write a few novels. I want to study so that I can learn how to teach my children. I don't know what I want to get a degree in yet, but I do have some ideas. History, English Language teacher, or horticulture. I want to start a family and get married in the LDS temple. I want to be a good mother and to teach my children the way the Lord has asked me to do. I want to serve God and His son Jesus Christ. I am planning on doing everything I can to live with my family for all eternity. Because of this wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ that I love and live, I know this is possible.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because this is Jesus Christ´s church and I want to serve Jesus Christ. I have felt His love. I have felt His presence so many times. In my life my belief has been challenged, and every time faith in God has prevailed and I have overcome my weaknesses and challenges. I know this to be the true gospel because of the happiness and great love I feel with and for my family. Many think it would be hard to love so many, but I say that it almost seems easier to love because there are many. People are easier to understand and are less frightening that way. I have gained great knowledge and wisdom because of the blessing of knowing someone will always be there for me, that He has a plan for me, and He believes in my abilities more than anyone I've ever known. I haven't just been told this, I've felt. And that is a feeling that just cannot be denied no matter how hard I try. It is truth. Truth comes from one source, this is that source. I am a Mormon because I love God.

How I live my faith

I am serving an LDS mission. I am serving in Brazil, far away from my family and friends and I love it. When I live my faith, I just want to live it even more and more. I strive to keep up my standards and respect people of other faiths. Many times I have been rejected and people don´t want to talk to me, but I know that Jesus Christ was rejected much more severly than I was, so I live my faith by reading the words of the prophets, respecting my friends and family, teaching others about Jesus Christ, and remembering who I am. A child of God.

What do Mormons believe about family?

Sister Hannah Maughan
I personally know to be true that families can be together forever. I love my family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We are not the least bit perfect, but we love each other anyway. There is a special connection between brother and sister, father and son, mother and daughter. I know to be true that it is important for children to be raised in a stable home with a mother and a father. Husband and wife. I understand that some situations aren't the fault of the parents, but I also understand that God has a plan for everyone, and there is a reason for every trial that we face. People often worry about needing to have the appearance of having a perfect family, but the truth is, it's okay to look imperfect every once in a while. It's okay to make mistakes. All we should do is try to be the best parent/child that we can, and put our faith in God. I know this to be true. I know to be true that we can love our families no matter what they choose to do. My family has made its mistakes. I've made my mistakes, but I will only allow those mistakes to teach me and lift me higher, and lift my family higher. I know that families are a good thing, and I am blessed to have mine. With more people in the family it can sometimes make you feel unloved and overwhelmed, but overall, it means that there is more love coming your direction than you ever imagined possible under one roof. I know the power of family. It is beautiful, and it is God-sent. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Show more Show less