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Hi I'm Darnelle

I am a son, a missionary, a learner. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in the Philippines and grow up in a large family, a family composed of my parents and 10 children. Out of those ten, I'm the youngest. Right now, we're pretty much scattered around the world but we still have a good communication to each other. I grow up in reading text books and learn as much as I wanted to as I read those text books. Studying from different books is my favorite thing to do because of so many things I'm going to learn just by reading them. There are so many things to learn and also offers great knowledge about various subjects. I just love learning because I know that whatever knowledge I gained in this life is something that I can bring on the next life.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were converts the the Church and they introduce me to the church when I was young and basically grow up as a Mormon. I was baptized when I was 8 years old. But that wasn't the reason why I am a Mormon. After I was baptized, I don't have much knowledge about the church or what the church teaches. All I know was that the church is true. As I grow up, I gained more knowledge about the things the Latter Day Saints teaches. My testimony about the church and the truthfulness of it didn't come all at once. I gained it little by little. My knowledge about life is also growing up through searching the scriptures. I still have questions in my life that so far haven't been answered but what I like the most about the church is that I'm gaining a testimony and more knowledge what life really is. It helps me see that life doesn't end after I die. The teachings of the church gives me a broader view and eternal perspective that we can always improve and gain more faith and testimony of the things that we can't see. It helps me to see that God really exists. He really does. As I live my faith, I feel closer to God who is our loving Heavenly Father and appreciate the atonement that the Savior did for us.

How I live my faith

I'm currently serving my mission in California San Diego mission where I could share the things that I learned about the gospel as I grow up. That's only a part of how I live my faith. I live my faith by continually praying, constant scripture study, going to church, and doing many other things that would strengthen my testimony about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. By praying, I just know that by doing it gives me an assurance that Heavenly Father is always there for me, ready to help me whatever circumstances I'm facing. He's always there to strengthen me in times of challenges and trials, as well as in times that I'm happy and cheer me up. Reading the scriptures helps me to learn and get to know our Savior, Jesus Christ, better. It also gives me a better understanding about the purpose of life and how can I find peace in the world full of trials and challenges. Going to church is another way to live my faith. The church is the place where I can partake the sacrament. By doing so it reminds me of the covenant that I made to Heavenly Father that I will always do His will. The other reason why I go to church is because it is a place where I can be nourished by the word of God. Also the place where I can find new friends.

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is another set of scripture which proves and also gives significance on Savior's ministry to His people, not only in Jerusalem but also in Ancient America. The Book of Mormon contains the writings of prophets since Lehi, one of the prophets in the Book of Mormon, left the Jerusalem and ended up in America. Now, these people lead by Lehi lived in America until they formed a great civilization as the time passed. God made promises with these people that if they keep His commandments, they will prosper; otherwise they will be destroyed. God also called prophets to write a record of this civilization and also other revelations from God. After many years, these people became wicked and they disobeyed the prophets. Mormon, one of the last prophets compiled the records, which was written in the gold plates, of the people of ancient America and later on passed it to his son Moroni to preserve it by burying the records. After many years, Joseph Smith translated those records Show more Show less