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Hi I'm Landen Rice

I'm a band nerd from Tremonton Ut. And afrench speaking elder in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission (2k16-18).. need I say more?

About Me

Hey I'm Landen! I am from Tremonton Utah.And I pretty much grew up in the LDS faith though I remember the days my family didn't go to church (I was very young at the time). I clutch on to my faith! Despite my name I'm not a fan rice. I love to play the Tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, and the ocarina! I love going out and riding my horses and doing archery. oh! Plus I thoroughly enjoy MTG, LOZ, and being a nerd at heart. My special skills include; being able to floss and dab at the same time, make a really good mcdouble and make some bomb hello kitty cookies. I sometimes go by Rice, Rice-A-Roni and Clutch Rice. The coolest thing about me though is that I've left little ol' Tremonton to be a french speaking missionary in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission!

Why I am a Mormon

i always had faith in the LDS church. But after growing up and starting to realize I can no longer rely on my parents testimony or the testimony of friends I really had to figure out if I really believe in what I was being taught. And I'll be honest with you, I didn't really try to figure out the truth for a good long while. However after spending much time reading the Book of Mormon and praying several times I came to know that Christs church is on the earth today. i live the principles taught to us because they work. And after finding that they work I continue I continue to study the gospel and I get to find new things every day about the gospel that is just fascinating! And eventually for me the gospel became not only a passion, but a part of who I am! I just can't say it enough the gospel is just trés cool!

How I live my faith

Since I am a full-time missionary I get the awesome privilege to go teach and preach about the gospel! I get to find the elect and be the Lord's instrument in bringing them into Christ's church! I gotta say it's a pretty cool privilege! Daily scripture study, prayer, and church (weekly of course) has helped me the most to be able to be an instrument for the Lord! I constantly pray for the Gift of Tongues since I am in a mostly English speaking area with a lot of French speaking people from Africa! I know that with the Lord's help I can communicate with them! So having faith in my faith has also been huge for me! I will clutch on to it for the rest of my life!

What is the Book of Mormon?

Landen Rice
Awesome. That's one way to describe it. Like the holy Bible it is a library of scriptures. But not just any ordinary library -no, it is a record! A record of an ancient race in the Americas! This library or record was started in about 600 BC in Jerusalem itself. An ancient prophet is actually commanded to leave before it is destroyed by The babyloniens. He and his family is commanded by God to leave their country and come to the Americas. They begin to populate and create whole civilizations! Throughout this time in the Americas there are many prophets called, and just like in the Bible many were persecuted and rejected. But right as things seem to be going south the Lord comes and visits and all of the wicked are destroyed and many people come to follow Him! This is why the Book of Mormon is "Another Testament of Jesus Christ"! Sadly eventually people even fell away from Christ's teachings and wicked people start to cause problems again. Now here is what is cool about it, the last entry in this journal-like library is about 400 AD. In fact it wasn't written by Joseph Smith at all contrary to what many believe. It was translated! And the very last person who writes in it is named Moroni who makes a promise that if we read, ponder and pray with real intent you will know the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon! (Moroni 10:3-5) If you are curious to know why Mormon is in the title, he is simply the father of Moroni and the one who sandwhiched the records together! Show more Show less