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Hi I'm Amelia

Hola, bonjour and hi! I was born in Venezuela but grew up in Canada. I love life and I'm a Mormon! :)

About Me

Nowadays I'm a missionary for the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. I really love to be on a mission, I've learn so much in so little time and I get to meet a lot of different persons each day. I like to contact people that I don't know because it's possible to create a good relationship even though we have never met before and to get to know their background, beliefs and interests. Each time somebody is open to conversation, it brings an undescriptible feeling to my heart . What can we do without communication? I don't want to live in that kind of world for sure! Oh by the way, I studied in special education and it has helped me in so many aspects of my life. But the greatest discovery I've made through studying and simply living it's that my Heavenly Father, or God, loves me!

Why I am a Mormon

My story on how I became a Mormon is long but simple. My dad's sister was a convert along with her husband and two children. Since my parents had a very busy life, I was always babysit by my grandmother (who was also a Mormon) and my uncle and aunt. I create a special bond with them since I was a baby. It really was special, trust me. For instance, each time my mom went to take me home, I started to cry and get some bad fever, and she had to go drop me by my aunt and uncle's house again. Time pass by and I was going to church each sunday. My parents were happy for me and let me go to church whenever I could. You must have guessed that soon my uncle and aunt became more than that in my life. I had two set of parents by the age of 5 and as they were preparing to leave for Canada with my grandmother and their kids, it was also natural that I went with them. By the age of 8 I took the decision to get baptised in the Church. I've never regretted that decision. It has brought substantial happiness in my life as I come to know God and Jesus Christ in a more personal way each day. At that same time, my biological mom died. I got to experience mourning in my teen years. It was not easy, because a lot of things came up in my family at the same time. But I can truly say without overusing the word, that a miracle happened in my life. I felt lost in that period of time but now I'm found. Now I know without any doubt that my life has a purpose, that life is really beautiful and that God loves us. He will never give us challenges too heavy to burry. And he wants everyone to know that he will always be there. I can testify that to you, because he showed me the way when I was lost and I know that he has the power to show the way to you, whoever you are and no matter what situation you are living. HE LOVES YOU! He wants you to know that!

How I live my faith

Life is beautiful and full of lessons. A lot of times it's not easy, and that's not new, but as I try to follow Jesus Christ's example and as I grow to know his nature, my faith in him and his plan grows and becomes more and more strong. It helps me not worry too much of what can happen tomorrow as I know that he will guide every single step that I take. However, I know I have to be careful of the choices I make, because I'm the only one who can make decisions for myself. Nevertheless, God is the one who can bless my life according to my acts and needs. Along these same lines, the scriptures, The Book of Mormon and The Bible, provides us with guidelines and principles we need to observe in order to receive the blessings awaiting for us. As Mormons or Latter-Day-Saints we believe that we have to act upon our faith like it's said in James 2:17: "Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone." That's how I try to live my faith everyday. I also know that each prophet who has preside the Church, is a man of God. Today our prophet is Thomas S. Monson. His love and work for this Church has bring me to consider him as my grandfather, haha. That's how special he is to me. Everytime he opens his mouth, words of wisdom and hope flow into my ears. When you listen to him, you can really tell he has been chosen by God to guide his children on this earth and to give us ways to improve our lives. That makes me happy and helps me be a better person each day. It also helps me be a better sister and daughter and a better individual in this society. I'm not perfect but I try to aim for better each day.