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Hi I'm Ben

I grew up in Utah. I am a reefer and a snowboarder. I am a Mormon.

About Me

When I say I am a reefer most people don't understand what that is unless they are one themselves. Reefing is the hobby of keeping a reef tank. A reef tank is a saltwater aquarium that not only contains saltwater fish but it also has inverts and many other animals like corals and anemones in it. And that is where the term reefer comes from. I love reefing because all of the different animals are all so colorful you can have a bright red fish to a crazy neon green coral. There can be tons of color and tons of life in just a small tank. Another thing that I love to do is snowboard. There is almost no better feeling then going down the mountain and feeling the speed your gaining and taking in the beautiful mountain.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in this religion which I thank my parents for. I can't remember a day that I didn't believe in this church. Everything in it makes since to me. There has never been a moment in my life that It just hit me and I knew It was the true church. As I have tried to live with the standards of the church I have gained and still am gaining a testimony of this church. I have a testimony in The Book of Mormon and of Prayer, bother of these can help anyone immensely in there life.

How I live my faith

Most of the callings I have held have been youth leadership callings. I wouldn't say that I was very good at these or helped a lot of people, but I think the callings were mostly for me. As I look back on them I think a lot of the time they helped me build confidence in myself more then helping other youth. In the calling of home teaching I have learned a ton. The families that we taught weren't always active and this taught me not to judge them. Before this I think that I kind of had the mind set that anyone that didn't go to church was bad or anyone that was living right was a bad person. This taught me differently people are people no matter what kind of mistakes they have made. I taught me not to judge people and to love them for who they are. Another way I live my faith is through striving to have daily scripture study and prays. You would be amazed at how much this can bless your life and make you happier. When ever I have a bad day it is almost always on a day that I didn't say my prayer or read my scriptures.