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Hi I'm Stacey

Mother to 5...I depend on the Gospel of Jesus Christ to help me know what to teach my children! I'm a Mormon!

About Me

The most defining thing about me is Motherhood! But that is definitely not all I am! Music is one of my passions. I play piano and sing. I lead the music in primary (the children's classes at church) and I am in a group which does 15 christmas programs for rest homes around the community each year. Paranoia is part of my personality haha! I am grateful to be married to a Family Practice Physician as he helps me put many of my (and my children's) fears about different pains and sicknesses to rest! I constantly work on worrying less and just trusting in my Heavenly Father and His perfect plan for me. I also love to golf and go at least weekly as long as the courses are open. I try to get one of my kids to go with me each time, but am fine to go alone if I'm unable to find a friend! Reading is my favorite activity to do if ever I have any down time (some meals, waiting for dr. appointments etc haha!) It is difficult to find books that do not contain trashy material these days, so many times I choose young adult novels. I love reading out loud to my kids and think it develops a love of reading in them. My kids are ages 15 down to 5. They are amazing and the most important thing I do with my time. I would like to improve on enjoying the moments rather than wishing the house were clean and that I had more time to accomplish all I want to do!

Why I am a Mormon

My ancestors were baptized in England many years ago. Each generation has taught their children the gospel of Jesus Christ and given them the opportunity to learn and grow as church members. As kids grow older they naturally question things and the gospel does not want members to just go along with what their parents do just because it's what they have always done. The Church of Jesus Christ encourages people- whether born into the church or those who learn about it later in life- to gain a testimony for themselves. Over the years I have truly become converted to the true gospel of Jesus Christ by testing it out for myself. As I have lived the gospel I feel at peace. I feel comforted and happy. I feel a special warmth when I hear gospel truth and try my best to live it, be an example of it and teach it. Gratitude fills my heart to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know what is best for me- because They know me. God has a plan for my life and will help me know how to fulfill it. He hears and answers my prayers in His way and time. Without this knowledge i would feel very lost and without purpose and direction. I would not want my kids to feel this way, which is why my husband and I try hard to be examples to them of what it means to live the gospel. We strive to teach them about the true gospel and encourage them to follow Jesus. Our family is happiest when each of us is trying to think of others and trying to strengthen our testimony of the gospel by living it. I encourage any who read this to give it a try...just like anything else new in life...and see the incredible peace and blessings which can come into your life. A feeling like this cannot be denied!

How I live my faith

As I mentioned, I teach the children music at church. I am passionate about music as a form of learning. Each of the songs has a sweet and simple gospel message and we discuss their meanings and importance as well as sing them. As children grow, they may not always remember lessons from class, but they certainly remember the words to these songs, the messages they teach and how they make them feel! I am also a member of my church choir and a Visiting Teacher. As a Visiting Teacher I go with a partner to see 3 ladies in my area each month. We check on them to make sure all is well and we talk. We also share a gospel message and have a prayer. It is a unique and special way to get to know people I may not otherwise have had a chance to meet and love! Service is a big part of the Latter Day Saint religion. We believe the best way to give back to Heavenly Father and the Savior for all they have given us is to try to be like Jesus and follow His perfect example. I am not even nearly perfect! I try hard though, to look for opportunities to serve and to show a good example by using clean language, dressing modestly and showing kindness to everyone. When I fail...as I often do... I am very thankful for the infinite Atonement of Jesus Christ which allows me to repent and try again! I also enjoy volunteering at the elementary school and donating to and supporting community events. With my family, I attend 3 hours of church on Sunday and try to attend the Temple with my husband at least once a month. The temple is a place of learning where we make covenants with God and also participate in work for our ancestors who have passed away. It creates a peaceful feeling in our home and brings us closer as a family as we read from the holy scriptures. I try to read in the Book of Mormon-another testament of Jesus Christ, the Bible, modern scripture given by our prophet and apostles or other volumes of scripture each day. Our family also tries to read together- when we remember!

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

Some people hear that God knows what we will choose and do before we do it. This used to be hard for me to understand and I wondered why we even come to earth to be tested. Someone told me to think of my own kids though. I know what they will do and how they will respond to things quite often. Why? Because I love them and know them so well. God has infinitely more love for us and knows us infinitely better than I know my own children. Because He knows us so well, he knows what we will do and how we will respond to things in our life. The way He will judge us is perfect because he knows us perfectly and knows our strengths and limitations and intents. He gave us the opportunity to come to earth to make choices and learn...just as we do for our kids. If we told them, "we know you so well, and we know you wouldn't be able to do this"...they would rebel and be upset and wonder how we know. Just like our children, Gods children need the opportunity to prove to ourselves what choices we will make and how we will live. It is part of our free agency that he let's us make our choices and learn from them. God knows us and loves us perfectly. Show more Show less