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Hi I'm Joseph JOJO Mokone

I was born and in Dobsonville in Soweto in Johannesburg in South Africa. Been a Mormon since 24-07-2011 and I LOVE IT!

About Me

I'm a talkative person, I love laughing and enjoy meeting new people with different culture, race and religion. I love to have fun, in a good way of course, I love house music, keeps me going. I'm also a sporty person, I love Basketball and sometimes I play soccer too! I'm an adventurous person, love nature and anything related to it. I love reading, especially the Book Of Mormon. Oh, I love gadgets, they are my toys, they keep me out of trouble!!!!!! I'm still a YSA, currently serving a full time mission in the Zimbabwe Harare Mission, best decision I've ever made for myself and I will finish serving in May 2015. I love to talk to people, I learn alot just by talking to anyone! The best thing I think I've ever done was to invite my friend, Katz to church while I was investigating the church, then we both got baptized on the same day,then invited 2 of our friends who later got baptized too. Katz and I served a mini mission together in the same district, got our mission call together and now serve in the same mission, I think that's the coolest thing that's ever happened! I was the only member in the family until I was 3 months on mission when my younger sister,aged 12 got baptized, I was excited! so now there's 2 Mormons in my family! I was raised by my mom, but my grandmother, we can just say she raised me coz I was the favorite grandchild out of 6!!! Sometimes they call me Craze Mormon, because I know it, I love it and I live it!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon is that I got to understand that God speaks! When I was 9 years old my father past away, and I kinda blamed God for it, so, I shut myself from the presence of God, became ignorant and stubborn. so, I grew up thinking that there is no God, if He's there, He's a mute and doesn't care, because of what I felt One afternoon in 2010, I was in grade 11, after a high school Basket Ball match, we met into 2 Elders, the missionaries! One them approached us and asked if we play B.Ball, I was rude in my answer coz I didn't like any Christians at that time. So the Elder told us he used to play B.Ball when he was home, we didn't believe him, then he told us to come to church to play there(Coz there's an indoor court) We went there and man, this guy was good! then we made a deal that he coach us and we'll come to church! But as time goes by, I just stopped going to church coz I was not interested. Then after some unforeseen circumstances, the following year I started to be more serious with life, I needed God more than I ever did, I told myself "if truly God is there, He needs to talk to me! Then we decided to visit the Church, then met this wonderful couple missionaries, who made us feel at home! Then they invited us to a YSA dance, to church and FHE. Then one Fast and Testimony meeting Sunday, people were bearing their testimonies, I was impressed, I was wondering what were they talking about, then, I asked the couple missionaries and they refereed me to missionaries . Then, the missionaries came, and they told me they want to baptize me, if only I know what they are sharing is true, I was surprised at their boldness and confidence, then they told me to pray about it! For the 1st time in my life I prayed and I asked, then, I felt such wonderful warm feeling, such as I never felt in my life, I knew what the Elders shared was true and I couldn't deny it, I knew, that God is there is He speaks, and that's why I'm a Mormon today, coz God is there and He speaks!

How I live my faith

Well, I was shocked when I was 10 months in the church then I got called to be a Young Men's President, that was a huge responsibility for me. But I did pretty good, it was awesome to help some of the young men who are going through what I went through as a Young man. Then, I was also a ward missionary, I was going out wit the missionaries who were serving in my ward to save souls and introduce to some people who might be interested in learning about the Gospel. Then, I was also called in the Soweto Stake YSA committee, so we would plan activities for YSA to mingle and to find their potential spouses! I always study my scripture, and when I do, I fill my study desk with books, manuals and magazines, so, my grandma would complain coz she thinks I will be craze from studying all these materials, I love reading pure Doctrine, especially from living Prophets and Apostles. My family knows and respect my scripture study time, reason being that they know how important my scriptures and my study time is to me. So I always try to follow the example of the Savior Jesus Christ and be an example to those not of my Faith by being kind and try to be humble, and even showing respect to what they hold dear most, especially their Religion.

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

Joseph JOJO Mokone
God is the Father of our Spirits. He created our spirits, and then, created a place for us to come and receive a physical body and become like Him. He's the ruler o the Heavens and the Earth, the entire Universe, He is a Father, a loving and caring Father in Heaven and He loves each and everyone of us equally. Because we are created in His image, He like us have a physical bdy, but His is perfect, so God is perfect. God is merciful, wants only whats best for us and He has emotions, like when we are disobedient to His commandments, He weeps and when we follow His plan, He rejoices! Show more Show less