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Hi I'm Robb

I grew up in Central and Northern California, USA. I'm a Civil Engineer, a writer and a Mormon.

About Me

I am a professional structural engineer by trade, and design buildings to resist earthquakes and hurricanes. I enjoy architecture, classic literature, studying the languages and peoples of Meso America, playing guitar, choral singing, writing fiction, blogging and following world politics. I am a 45 year-old father of three children, ranging in age from 4 to 18. All three began last fall at new schools here in California: the youngest started kindergarten, the middle boy started high school and our oldest is a freshman at University. I've been married to my teenage sweetheart for 22 years, who joined the Church in 1989, while I was serving a mission in the highlands of Central America. Hailing from Jalisco, Mexico, my wife had serious concerns that I would be accepted into her family because of cultural and religious differences. The Lord saw fit to send me on a mission where I would learn Spanish and He eventually softened hearts and blessed us with children who would form the glue in the bond between our two very different family backgrounds. Academically, I studied English composition, political science and World Religions. Later, I studied Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of California. I apprenticed as an engineer-in-training, eventually obtained licensure as a Professional Civil Engineer. I started my own consulting business in 2008 and have plans to return to graduate school to study new methods of Seismic-Resistant Building Design.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I was not always an active Mormon. We children were taught the Gospel in our home and at church regularly, my father served as a Bishop and in other prominent positions in the Church, my mother faithfully served in church callings and in being the principal care-giver to seven children and my father provided our primary temporal sustenance, employed by the Church Educational System (CES) for 30 years where he taught college-age students the Gospel. Yet despite this religious upbringing, or perhaps in part because of it, in my teenage years I began to explore things which were often contrary to the religious strictures under which I was raised. Nevertheless, through the faith and prayers of my closest family, by virtue of the Lord's unfailing love and because I had "been born of goodly parents", I began to hunger in my soul and my mind "thought upon the things I had heard my father teach". In my loneliness and despair, I thought to pray to my Heavenly Father; something I had not done for many months, and in that very moment my heart began to stir and I prayed more earnestly. While I cannot say I saw a bright light, as did Saul on the road to Damascus, nor did an Angel appear as it did to Alma and the sons of Mosiah, my conversion was no less powerful and I continued in prayer for most of that night. The Lord, through His Spirit, instructed me to return to my father and tell him what had happened and to seek forgiveness for my sins. The path of repentance was not without great heartache and pain, but the fruits came immediately and consistently as I began to cast off "the chains with which [I was] bound" and to keep God's commandments. Now, almost 30 years later, I still look back on that experience as the most pivotal of my life, and although life continues to have its ups and downs, "I know in whom I have trusted", and my testimony and faith continue to grow stronger each day.

How I live my faith

I see the Creator's handiwork in everything from the intricate appearance and behavioral pattern of atomic particles, to the vast gaseous pillars of star-forming nebulae as seen through modern instruments like the electron microscope and the Hubble telescope. I read and hear His wisdom in the Holy Scriptures and detect His influence on the minds of History's great writers, thinkers, poets and scientists. I love to teach and have taught in the Church to classes of children, adolescents and adults. I never miss an opportunity, whether among those of my faith or not, to declare my conviction in the reality of God the Father and Jesus Christ as the Great Architect of the universe. As a begotten spirit son of my Heavenly Father, I strive to obey His laws as taught and perfected by The Lord Jesus Christ, and to think, speak and act in accordance with those divine commandments. At times I have fallen short, but through repentance and forgiveness, made available to all who will follow the Savior, I have been blessed with an even deeper knowledge of the importance and power of agency - or freewill - and the absolute need for a Redeemer. I also put my faith to work by serving others in small and simple ways, and by listening to the voice of the Holy Ghost whispering at times to my heart, when a chance to lift and bless another intersects my daily walk. Prayer, fasting, making and keeping covenants are all essential to this, but above all I strive to practice humility in all that I say and do. Paraphrasing the words of St. Francis of Assissi, where there is hatred I try to bring love; where there is discord I look to bring harmony; where error is found I speak truth; where doubting abounds, I share my faith; when shadows abound, I share my Light; where there is sadness, I seek to comfort.