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Hi I'm Melanie Hobby

I was born and raised in Florida. Southerners are stubborn, but born with desire to know Eternal truths. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

As of 2013, I am 28. I have a bachelor's degree in Nutrition from FSU. College is when I met the Sister Missionaries and other LDS people for the first time. I had never heard of the religion before college. I was raised Methodist (loosely - perhaps an "Easter and Christmas" kind of Methodist). College, for better or worse, is a time when you start questioning everything that's important to you, from how you vote to who you will become. Part of that (a BIG part) are the eternal questions-- Where do I go when I die? Which church is true? Is Jesus/God even real? Does prayer work? I had a lot of questions. Through meetings with the Sisters, I learned what Mormons believe and what their doctrines are. All of the doctrines, but none of the rules, were things that I believed in. I just wanted to be an 'intellectual' and know all about those eternal things! I didn't actually want to CHANGE or do any life overhauls or anything.... too bad for that, because when you receive answers to your questions and KNOW that God exists and loves you, then you simply have to change. Have to. And so I did. Fast forward a few years later, and I'll tell you this-- at 27 God performed a much needed miracle in my life and found me an eternal companion. It was the result of prayer, and answers to prayer. Again, I had the choice to uproot my comfortable life on just what some would call a FEELING; but it was revelation. Now I've been happily sealed (married) in the Temple for over a year.

Why I am a Mormon

Mine was an intellectual and spiritual conversion. The only reason it caught my attention in the first place was because it answered my questions satisfactorily, and I only took it to the next step (instead of just an intellectual exercise) because I felt an intense burning in my heart that felt like happiness and peace -- like learning of happy news!!-- and I knew that was the Lord telling me in my own way that I was where I needed to be. Also, I will promise you that my life is changed for the better. Whatever gets you closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ-- pursue that with everything you have and are. That's what I did. That's why I'm here.

How I live my faith

For church, I am a teacher of our young girls ages 12-17. I pray for those sweet spirits every day, and take my calling very seriously. I want them to have the advantages I never had at that age (I converted when I was 20, and a junior in college.) If I can help them avoid any of the pitfalls I've done, or even that lost feeling of doubt and being lost, then I've done my job. Hopefully, graduating our program, they will have developed those qualities we want for them! Faith, Divine Nature, Good Works, Choice & Accountability, Knowledge, Integrity, Virtue. The most important being Faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ, who is mighty to save!! Our Saviour. Outside of church, I currently am a full-time guardian for my 93-year-old grandmother. My grandfather lived to 99 yrs, under the care of my father, and now my grandmother is in that age where she needs constant care. I earned my CNA in Utah, and worked for the University of Utah Hospital there under that capacity until it was clear I was needed here, now. On the weekends, I love to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or other places, or volunteer in my father's bookstore, or go to lessons with the Sister Missionaries in my ward. All those things help keep charity in my heart, which is a quality I'm surprisingly low in. If it seems like I work very hard to help others, it's often because I feel grumbly about it! But I know that the Lord would (and DID!) help EVERY PERSON who came to him, with a humble heart and a need. HE loves them. He loves all of us now. And it's our responsibility to look past ourselves and be charitable. Anyone can volunteer for one saturday a month! I highly encourage it. Here's a list of ideas ;) Habitat for Humanity; March of Dimes; Children's Miracle Network; Local children's museums; Women's Shelters; Homeless Shelters; Volunteermatch.org; Your local Bishop's Storehouse, which feeds the poor and needy; Food banks; Guardian ad litem's; and more. Giving your time is giving your heart.

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

Melanie Hobby
Of course you can come to church! You can find your local chapel by typing your Zip code or Address into this website: http://www.lds.org/maps/#ll=28.188185,-82.082848&z=9&m=google.road Don't be shy! Introduce yourself to one or two people and make a buddy. We're super friendly and will answer any questions you have. Show more Show less