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Hi I'm Yongseob Choi

I'm a short and sweet asian male who plays piano and loves to make music. I'm a mormon

About Me

Hi i'm Yongseob (English; Kevin) Choi. My family consists of an awesome dad, lovely mom, and two pulchritudinous older sisters :) Yes, I'm the youngest and only boy in my family. I was born in Wonju, Korea and spent my childhood there. I then, spent rest of my adolescence in the U.S., and the last two years in Canada. Now, I'm very privileged to live in Southern California serving in Anaheim California Mission. People identify me as "the Music Guy" well; I'm happy with that title! My hobbies are playing piano, arranging and composing music. I've played piano since I was 10 years old, and never stopped loving and playing piano since! Although I've never learned how to compose music, I became so preoccupied with it. Doing so, it taught me how to exercise my creativity. Then I started blogging, and posting videos on Youtube. I can't really say that it is very successful in attaining its value at this time, but I'm in the process of achieving such value (this is my dream) Setting aside my personal hobbies and future plans, I'm currently devoting my time as a full-time missionary, speaking and preaching the gospel in Korean. I proactively share any talents that I have to offer and in doing so, I've never been so blessed and have never been so happy in my life. Everyday, I'm so blessed to feel the presence of Heavenly Father working through me to perform small and important miracles. God is real! And I feel His love; i'm learning and practicing how to love someone like He does.

Why I am a Mormon

Why I'm a Mormon? well, I get feelings. I feel like, God still speaks to us. I feel like He knows how we feel, and He knows what we're going through. But from those feelings, I begin to know. I know that God lives. How do you figure out who God is? and how do we become to know the truth of it by ourselves? Well, that's the exact purpose of the scriptures like the Bible and the Book of Mormon was written for. Do you wonder if God really does exist? Well, I did and He, in fact tried so hard to convince us that He lives! and that He loves us! He explains us why He loves us, and the reason and the purpose of why we are here on earth! God wants us to be happy, and He knows that money won't buy us happiness. He knows that people need something valuable than that. So he illustrated a plan where we can feel true happiness. So He picked and called on few people to talk for Him. They're called prophets. They're like the spokesmen. But some people rejected this plan, and they took it to a level of extremity and killed the prophets. Later on, God sent his own Son, Jesus Christ so that we can all know how to be truly happy but people surprisingly even kills Jesus also. If you were God, what would you do? You want your children to be happy, but they're keep rejecting you. So God waited till the people were ready to hear the message. Then the time came, People wanted to find the truth, but they couldn't find it anymore. The teachings that they thought that it came from God didn't provide them happiness anymore. Thence came Protestant Reformation, so that they can seek for their own truth and happiness. Their message contains some of the truth and happiness, but it's not the full story that God intended. So God called another prophet. And his name was Joseph Smith. Can you believe it? There's an evidence to prove this. And that is the Book of Mormon. All you have to do is, read the Book of Mormon, and ask God if this is true. God will speak to you, and prove it to you

How I live my faith

1. I live my faith by fulfilling my duty as a child of God. One specific example would be serving a mission. Although there are 80,000 missionaries serving all around the world, I'm so grateful to play a role in the process of consummating Heavenly Father's plan by finding the lost souls, to lead them to happiness. My faith has increased as I've seen people's lives change by the Light of Christ which it brings them hope, charity, and love. This sense of hopefulness motivated them to become a better person, and a happier person. At least, that's what I've seen, and that's what I've experienced in my own life. I know that I couldn't have witness these miracles if I chose to seek after my personal welfare. By sacrificing small things, I was able to experience and receive something greater. 2. I'm afraid to express, that I am imperfect and am prone to be angry, depressed, and sometimes I can't help to have the deep desire to punch the wall and shout out how imperfect others are. However, the fact that God loves each one of His children allows me to resolve the situation a little bit wiser - by loving them. Well, at least that's what I'm practicing and that's what I endeavor to do. I believe it will be a life-long process since I'm apt to forget these things when I am blinded by my personal feelings. But this is how I live my faith. I am an imperfect being striving to become a perfect being. And I know that these things are possible through Jesus Christ and the precedent that he has illustrated for us. He has opened and enabled a way for us to have a better quality of life! You can see the difference if you try for once and apply it to your own life. 3. I was able to see the abundance of blessings by living the Mormon faith, especially living the Word of Wisdom, which prohibits us from drinking alcohol, coffee, processed tea, smoking, and abusing illegal drugs. It might seem that the Church requires too much from the us. But I promise you. YOU WILL FEEL GREAT:)