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Hi I'm Brittany G.

I'm a wife. I hope to be a great mom someday. I love to bake, cook, read, write, and learn. I'm a student. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a wife to the most amazing man I have ever met. My Dad always said that no one would ever be good enough to take me away from him. He loves to tell anyone who will listen how he was wrong, how I found someone beyond anything he could ever imagine. I live for my husband and my two puppies (Sunday is 5 and Georgia is almost 2). They brighten my life in ways that I never could have imagined. Right now, I'm in school and hoping to start the dental hygiene program next summer. I love learning! I am looking forward to the program and the job security that it will bring. But, I don't want to stop there with my schooling. I want to take courses and pursue certificates in cooking, creative writing, massage therapy, photography, and entrepreneurship. When I am done following as many of my talents/passions as possible, I hope to return one last time to school to get a degree in teaching. So that I can inspire the next generation, as those before me have inspired me. Above and beyond all of these career choices, my greatest goal in life is to be the best mom that I can. I have been preparing since I was nine years old and decided it was time to learn to cook so that I can be a great mom someday. My siblings have appreciated my mothering, though at the time I was teased more than a little. And so, with every choice I make, with every goal I have, it all comes down to how it will help me be the best mom possible, hopefully.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I grew up a member of the church, my parents were converts and have struggled with actively attending church all my life. I have also struggled. It was my junior year of high school that I really learned for myself about the gospel. I had read scriptures, studied the scriptures, and felt truth in them all throughout growing up. But, I had never stopped to ask myself if I really believed in it. In my junior year, I decided to read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover and pray everyday, with pure intent, to know if it was true. As I read, I felt a love for the book which I had never fully felt before and each and everyday I felt better and closer to my Heavenly Father. Finally, after reading Moroni chapter 10, I prayed with all my heart. I had felt good about it every time I read, but I wanted to really know. I prayed and prayed and waited on my knees. Feeling that same love I felt when I read the scriptures grow and grow until it filled me. I could feel my Heavenly Father's love with such strength. I could feel His and my Savior's joy for my knowledge of the truth. I knew, then and there, that no matter how far Satan tried to drag me off course or tempt me, or try me, I knew that was something that I would never forget. That moment when I prayed and my Heavenly Father answered my prayer in a powerful, wonderful way. I'm human and have made many mistakes in my life, before and even since that miraculous day. But I feel that same love each and every time I work to return to the path, stay on the path, and try to live closer to how my Heavenly Father wants me to live. I have a powerful testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ and have felt the cleansing power of the Atonement. I know that this is the true gospel, I know that Christ is at the head of it, and I know that He leads and guides our Prophet Thomas S. Monson. Most of all, I know that my Heavenly Father lives, I know that He is aware of me, and I know that He along with my Savior Jesus Christ, love me.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by serving as a sunday school teacher for the 3 and 4 year old children in my area every Sunday. Sometimes, I feel more like a circus director than a teacher. Playing games to hold their attention when it begins to wane and diving out animal crackers in the hopes that they will sit and eat reverently. But then, the kids settle in and listen to my lesson and I can see the hope and absolute faith that innately glows from within them. They have a natural desire to learn more about our Heavenly Father and it inspires me to want to grow closer to Him. Another way I live my faith is by visiting with other sisters in my area. Sometimes I share a gospel message, listening to the promptings of the spirit as to what I should say, other times I just chat with them and make sure that they are really doing alright and offer my help to them. The community and love felt as relationships deepen helps my faith and the faith of those around me. We also come together for many different community service projects. Serving side-by-side not only deepens our love for eachother, but also our love for those who we are serving.