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Hi I'm Heidi

Born in Utah, raised a Mormon, and I love being a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a wife and a mom to four children. My husband supports our family as a prosecutor, and I love supporting him as he helps make the world a happier place. Meanwhile, I love to be a homemaker--hopefully making the world a happier place through my quiet contributions as a mom. Our lives are anything but exceptional, and far from always perfect or happy, and yet we find so much joy in our lifestyle. Our family loves to spend time with each other. We try not to fill up our time with a lot of activities or sports, but instead enjoy going on adventures together. We garden together, we travel together, we play with our pets together, and at the end of the day we sit around our dinner table to enjoy eating together while we share with each other all about our lives and what we've learned. My husband and I manage to even find the time to spend time together alone, always trying to continue building our relationship in positive ways. I graduated from college with a degree in Sociology, and paid for it with academic and music scholarships. I was able to play the french horn through high school and college, and still participate in a community concert band. I also enjoy playing the piano, and am able to volunteer in many ways as a local musician. I love spending time in the mountains, from hiking to camping in the summer and skiing in the winter.

Why I am a Mormon

Being born into a family that was already Mormon, I naturally followed the testimonies of my parents, siblings, and other relatives. The challenge for me came when I started doubting that I would just happen to be born into the only true church, out of all the good religions in the world. Each time I'd start doubting, though, I'd find myself recalling instances in my life where I knew I couldn't deny having felt the Spirit touch me. I am certain that these recollections came from the Holy Ghost, impressing upon me the truthfulness of God's church. As I grew and matured, I would pray deeply and fervently to feel a confirmation that the church was really true. Every time I've ever prayed with such a sincere heart, it never failed that I would feel the power of the truth: that yes, the happy message of His church is true. At the times in my life when I didn't feel that powerful witness, I would suddenly realize that I needed to cling more strongly to my faith. I've come to know that He will not forsake us. My life is simple--my quiet actions may never have a lasting impact on this world. I'm not anywhere close to being perfect, nor do I have a perfect knowledge about the Gospel. But, I do have a deep conviction that those feelings I have felt are a gift to me from my Heavenly Father, because He loves me. As I continue to learn and build on my knowledge of each principle of His church, my faith grows. When I pray for forgiveness, I feel peace in knowing that Heavenly Father knows exactly how imperfect I am and that He loves me anyway. It fills me with hope that I can someday become who I want to become. Meanwhile, I'll continue fulfilling the desire to keep working every day at emulating my Savior's perfect ways, a little bit at a time.

How I live my faith

One of my favorite things to do in our church is to help children learn religious songs each week at our ward meetings. I was asked ("called") by our Bishop when we first moved into our ward 4 years ago, and I've done it ever since. Each week I have the amazing experience of being taught insightful lessons about how to live more like our Savior, and I learn these lessons from the children. We learn in the scriptures that "by small and simple means, great things are brought to pass", and the children in our ward show me this every week. Music has an incredible power of allowing the Spirit to touch our hearts in a unique and profound way, and this is most powerful to me when I hear children sing about their Savior, Jesus Christ. I had serious complications each time I was pregnant with my four children. I spent weeks and weeks on bed rest and taking medications that had terrible side effects. It was a very difficult time for me physically for sure, but also emotionally. Since I couldn't go to church services each week, I had to look for different ways to continue increasing my faith. This was especially imperative during this challenging time in my life. The experiences of my pregnancies changed me in many significant ways. I learned what a gift it is to have good health, and to have the ability to use my body in everyday tasks. I learned to recognize the importance of my contributions as a wife, a mom, and as a child of God. I learned about the ability the Savior's Atonement has to lift each of us from sin, but also from sorrows and pain. I learned to always sincerely try to remember that I am a child of God, and that He loves me. I am so grateful to have a personal relationship with my Heavenly Father. I know He will listen when we pray to Him. I know that when we choose to obey His commandments, we will always be blessed.